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New blog problem

  1. I'm trying to set up a new blog. I already have the domain name: Trying to register that name I get the message 'that address already exists, and the offer to purchase another version of the name. There is an inactive blog on wordpress with that name, but not the same domain name. Can I work around this or do I have to find another host etc?

  2. Are you trying to use for a blog here at WordPress.COM?

    If so you need to do Domain mapping and will need also to have a zone record added for your mapped domain.

  3. Yes, at .com. But I don't want it linked to my existing blog, this is a new separate blog. Sorry I'm probably being thick, but why can't I just start from the beginning at set-up a new blog with my domain name?

  4. Since you already have have the domain registered you must do the domain mapping and can't buy the same domain name here (or anywhere else as a domain name can only be registered once) - register a new blog (name does not matter much really) then map your to it.

    I will flag this to have a zone record added for you.

  5. I have manually added a zone record for your domain.

    You should now be able to map it here following this guide:

  6. Thank you! What's a 'zone record'?!

  7. One more question (perhaps)...I've considered Autofocus 2 for the new blog/website. It requires WP 3.2 or higher. I have my blog on WP 3.1. If I up grade i'll be in for a lot of messing around with the original blog to save settings/pages etc, thats right isn't it? Can I just download the latest WP version and run the two versions side by side to avoid the problems?

  8. is not on WP 3.1. That is the only blog we can help you with: externally hosted blogs use slightly different software.

  9. Curiouser & curiouser. But can I run 2 versions of WP side by Side for different blogs?

  10. Sure you can run two different WP blogs with different versions of the software. But what do you mean by "side by side?" The version here is significantly different from the other versions.

    Let's step WAY back. You have this blog here. From what you said in your first post, I gather you want to use the URL on that blog. You need the Domain Mapping upgrade.

  11. No, I want to have a separate blog/website, nothing to do or connected with Sorry if its confusing, I said in my second post it would be completely separate.

  12. This is the support forum. Here we provide support only for free hosted blogs. Will you please read this very carefully? vs The Differences

  13. No, I want to have a separate blog/website

    By "separate website" do you mean:

    (1) that you want to register another free hosted blog to use the domain on by purchasing domain mapping from

    (2) that you intend to hire a web hosted, set up and install and use domain on it?

  14. 1/ Probably, that was my initial plan.

    2/ That's a possibility, I've not decided.

    Thank your for the advice, I've read the .org/.com page. Several times.

    I've decided to give up on this, its too time-consuming. I've deleted

    Thanks to raincoaster who said I could run 2 different versions of WP.

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