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New Blog Stats with Bars

  1. I see the new stats look was rolled out this morning. My first reaction is positive. Will need to use it for a few days but the part with the shaded area for Sat and Sunday so we can now see things divided by week when the days are shown is GOOD! The bars in place of the jagged line also feels better to me.

    Thanks for a good new start.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Glad you like them!

  3. No sale here. The extra clicks to access info is an annoyance. Any chance of having my WordPress my way?

  4. I'd just become used to using the line graph, and now I'll have to get used to the bars! That shouldn't take long though.

  5. How long have you been here, brad? IN the four and a half years I've been here they've rolled back exactly one feature. Otherwise, what you see is what you get.

    I'm on the fence, but I'm pretty sure we dont' have any say in it.

  6. Horrible...

  7. I can't find the list of email subscribers anymore - try as I might and look under every sub whatever I can not find the old list of who has subscribed to a blog.

    Can someone please enlighten me on where to find it - small words and no short cuts please


  8. Found it - way down in the bottom left corner there is a General area with four tabs. Subscriptions is one of the tabs.

  9. I think the geek definition of "sexy" is kind of like that Sicilian's definition of "inconceivable" in The Princess Bride:

  10. Been here just over a month raincoaster. As an end user, I see no benefit in the stats change. There may be one but I don't see it.

  11. Any chance the chart type could be selectable?

    +1 for the line graph.

  12. Much prefer the line graph. Also hate that comments on the announcement now requires that I use a blog as my main blog, instead of my actual personal blog. If you are going to use the bar graph, the least you could do is use the extra space to label the bars with the actual numbers, rather than continue to use hover.

  13. After thinking about it a bit more, I am even more unhappy with the bar graphs. The line graphs make it easy to judge trending compared to the bar graphs. I don't much care on daily stats, but on weekly and monthly, the line graphs make it so I can tell if increases are accelerating.

  14. This is change for the sake of change, with no improvement and some loss.

  15. I too don't like this and I don't appreciate having to do the extra clicks.

    I loved the graph with the shaded area underneath. Seemed to motivate me more to get traffic...


  16. Software writers will never stop fixing what isn't broke because they need to keep themselves in jobs.

    I love WP, but this is a law of computing.

  17. I agree with those who don't so much like the new bars in the graphs. I liked the way the old line graph looked, it was more motivating. Maybe it depends on how a person's brain is structured or that left/right brain stuff, but I sure feel icky with the bars. I also can't see the links from whoever looked at my blog...before I enjoyed clicking on their links and seeing where they came from and reading their stuff. Now I can't do that. Unless I am going blind or something. i have looked all over for those links.

  18. I like the new stats display.

  19. I can't stand the bar graphs. I liked the line graphs; they were easier to see the week and the month at a glance. I, too, wish that if you are going to mess with the format of the graph display, that you would at least give us a choice of how we want our traffic to be displayed.

  20. I noticed that Nick from the support staff replied to those few bloggers who like the change. Is there a reply for those of us who are unhappy with the change from line to bar graphs?

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