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    I am creating a new blog (website) for another organization. I will be buying a domain name and creating an email account/address that like ‘(email redacted)’. I’m confused on how I start the set up.

    Can I use my own personal email address and then change it later?

    The blog I need help with is



    You can, but this is ill-advised. Start from an entirely new account with a different email address.



    But the email address I want to use is the one linked to the domain name that I will purchase with the new blog.

    So my question is can I use a personal email address, not the one I currently use for my own blog, and then change the email address once the domain is set up and the new email address is mapped?



    The email address I would use to register is not one that would be associated with the account. I just need to use a personal one so that I can use it for the account activation. I need to know if I can change the email address later.



    Ownership of a site is determined by the account/email that set up the site. It’s not just a matter of changing the admin email address on the site later because the site will still be attached to your account and appear in your list of sites.

    If you are setting this site up for an organization, it would be preferable from the start to open a separate account using the organization’s current email address or set up a new one for that purpose (like webmaster at the organization dot whatever) from the start. This way the organization is the clear owner of the site from Day 1.

    If you use your personal account/email to set up their site, you can transfer the ownership of the site to the organization later. However, they will have to create an account on in order for you to do so.

    opinion/Assuming that this organization is using email already, setting the admin email account to one on a domain you are setting up for them could potentially cause problems in the future, say for example, should the domain expire. If they don’t have an email account, better to use a 3rd party email provider (gmail, outlook, etc.) for this purpose. /opinion

    Hope the above is clear. I’m still working on my first cup of morning coffee.

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