New Blogger–help with uploading photos

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    I have a ton of posts written and am now trying to put images in. I’ll be in the “visual” edit mode and click the icon for “add an image” (the little square box). Basically, absolutely nothing happens when I click it–like it’s not even “active”…any thoughts?

    Also, I’ve uploaded pictures into my library, but can’t see the actual pictures (it just shows the generic jpg photo). I’ll click “show” and they still don’t show up.

    And one more thing (sorry!), if I click into a post and then go to the “Publish” box and hit “edit” for say the visibility tab, again, it doesn’t due anything like it’s not active. It seems like I’m missing some big download of software or something…I can’t seem to do anything in here but write content in my posts.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!


    The blog I need help with is



    What browser are you using? Do you have flash player and java installed?

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