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New Blogger here - help with flickr, twitter, facebook

  1. Hello everyone, I am new to this whole blogging thing. I tried to use the flickr widget to add my flickr page but it doesn't seem to be working. I also want to add a button for people to follow me on twitter and facebook but haven't been able to figure this out just yet.

    Thanks for your help.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. We now have a twitter widget that you can put in your sidebar:

    For facebook, you are going to have to put a button or link in your sidebar that takes people to your facebook page:

    For the flickr widget, review the following support document on using it:

  3. For Twitter I don't want every tweet on my page, I just want a button that links to my twitter page so they can follow me if they choose.

    For Facebook I don't want the huge badge with everything on it, just a simple button.

    And for flickr I have read that and it is still not working on my blog.


  4. For twitter then, get a badge you like from somewhere or simply put a text link in a text widget.

    For facebook, find a badge online that you like, make your own, or simply put a text link into a text widget.

    For flickr, what is your flickr RSS feed address?

  5. Your flickr stuff is showing at the top of the sidebar on my test blog at

    It can take a few minutes for the feed to show up, and that is an issue with flickr. It can also take some time for the widgets page to actually update since the change they recently made.

  6. ok thanks so much for your help.

  7. You're welcome.

  8. Hello, I have a blog at wordpress
    How can i add this blog on my twitter account. So whenever i add anything on this blog, people who are following me on twitter can get an automated updated feed.

    Also how can i add this wordpress blog on my facebook account?

    Basically i trying to spread this wordpress blog through twitter or facebook?

  9. There is no way to automate the process of posting new blog posts to Twitter from a blog. You have to do it yourself.

    You can add the blog to your Facebook account using the WordPress for Facebook app or the Notes app or you can just post the link to your page using the Share on Facebook button.

    I am using GetSocial, and since I started using it my hits have increased 10%. I highly recommend it, and it's very easy to use:

  10. Thanks a lot Raincoaster, I highly appreciate your time.

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