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new blogger needs help!

  1. Hi, I am very new to this and dont really know what I am doing - I need some help getting started - I have been on here a while and cant seem to get anywhere!! I guess I am technically challenged :-(
    Is there anyone out there who has a little time to spare and would like to share their knowledge and experience and help me get this up and started. Maybe we could connect via skype??
    Thanks very much, looking forward to hearing from you

  2. IMHO your best time investment would be in becoming famailiar with the support documentation and the searchbox found at this link >

    Introduction >
    Getting started > versus >

  3. Also note that none of us can help you until you post the somplete URL for your blog starting with http://

    Once you have posted the URL for the blog in question and we know what theme you gave chosen we can provide specific help when you post very specific questions. Would you like to post the questions you have now?

  4. @raincoaster
    oops! You posted the wrong link.
    I believe you meant to post this one >

  5. All of the above helped me - amazing what reading the directions will do :)

  6. Ah, thanks!

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