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New Bloggers Unite!

  1. pseudopseudonymous

    Right, so it's only my 3rd day here and I'm having trouble getting views and feedback, so I thought why don't we all help each other out!?

    I'll return views, feedback and subscriptions (which, lets face it, we all want) and post your blogs on here as well.

    Mine is:

    The blog I need help with is

  2. today is my second day.
    ps. you dont need to post your link, people can just click on your icon.

    Love your blog btw!

  3. chubbymcchunkster

    Hello! I am also new to the blogging world (surprisingly I've had blogs before but gave up because I didn't feel like people cared, lol) Check out my blog also! I am going to check both of yours out!

  4. pseudopseudonymous

    Thanks for the heads up about not posting the link didn't realise that! Will definitely take at look at your blogs too!

  5. I've been going a couple of weeks, but please do check out my blog...

  6. I just got one!

  7. seetheworldinbrightboldcolours

    I am also new! I'll be sure to swing by all your blogs and subscribe! :)

  8. I've been blogging for about 2 months. Feel free to drop by and i'll check yours out as well.

  9. Welcome fellow bloggers to your new home. I may offer you cookies...much to my dismay, I have eaten them.

    Keep your chin up and carry on writing. You shall be greatly rewarded by the end.

  10. @seetheworldinbrightcolours and ghettorevolt thanks for subscribing! :)

  11. So, what constitutes a "new blogger"? I've been here about two months (actual blogging time)

  12. HB....I notice you have a blogsurfer link on your page. I had tried to put something similar on mine but could not figure out where I was supposed to paste the code or what widget I needed. Any advice?

    BTW...I like your blog. I will subscribe.


  13. pseudopseudonymous

    I think you qualify, I don't think it would matter if you'd been blogging years as long as you support your fellow "new bloggers" :)

  14. @itdidntbeatme: when you post your blog onto blogsurfer, you will get a WordPress code. Copy that code onto a text widget.

  15. Ohhhhh....thanks noirciplume. I will give it a try tomorrow.

  16. Noir - thanks for answering. I did it, but couldn't remember how!

  17. Glad I could help.

  18. Been blogging about seven weeks, but I feel like a veteran. Here's my latest:

    Comments and chuckles welcome. On my way to visit your blogs.

  19. authorangelachristinaarcher

    Add me to the newbie list! Just started a few weeks ago about the joys of writing a frist novel! I can't wait to start reading everyone elses here!

  20. authorangelachristinaarcher

    Frist???? Ugh. It's like it's Monday all over again! I meant first. Way to go there, Angela!

  21. Please check out my blog and leave comments/rate/subscribe, I'll try to return the favor the best I can. The subject matter is philosophical in nature, intended to evoke insight in the reader about matters which may otherwise be trivial.

    Thank you for your time!

  22. saxontempleton

    Good idea for a post pseudopseudonymous.

    Wow imagine if you do a post about Snuffaluffagus. I like your blog so if you did I'm sure it'd be good and we'd all need to tell our friends to check out the post about Snuffaluffagus on pseudopseudonymous. Phew I'm exhausted.

    I've subscribed. I'm about a three weeker. Just me and abit of tumble weed at the moment. Stop by if you can. Cheers

  23. As a two-weeker myself, I understand where you're coming from saxontempleton. Give me a few and I'll check out your post. Cheers!

  24. pseudopseudonymous

    Saxontempleton I might just do that. I did love sesame street as a child.
    Love the blog btw!

  25. im a day three blogger.
    pseudo - I love your blog!

  26. pseudopseudonymous

    Thanks! I need to write some more, just getting into the swing of this thing.
    I read yours too! Seems like it's gonna make a good storyline.

  27. Thanks.
    I'm hoping it stays good.

  28. pseudopseudonymous

    I'm sure it will!

  29. Today is day one for me! So far so good, not getting many views, but that's alright. Its just good to find talented writers out there in the blogsphere!

  30. I'm new as well, just trying to get used to regularly posting. It's so easy to start getting sidetracked since it isn't a habit yet.

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