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New Bloggers Unite!

  1. Obviously i wrote the wrong URL, sorry!

  2. Teen Quirkiness

    So my blog is around 2 months old. My blog is about my random thoughts and life. And most importantly my PHOTOGRAPHY. So please check it out and I promise to look at yours too.

  3. I've been here for quite some time, but my blog is still sorta starting up! There's just SO much to talk about! I love posting the link of my blog even when I don't need to!

    See! :p

    Upcoming posts will be on Autumn and War!

  4. I've been here for a few months and still completely clueless about getting views and followers. I have sixteen now, whee! And I had about five days in a row where my stats were in the three hundreds, which is peanuts I know but for me it was great!

    At any rate, it would seem that it's easier to write these than it is to promote them.

    here's me.(I just paid 25 dollars for the domain thingy)

  5. PS I like the phonetical spelling there, farahnum! I need to use that! (I get so tired of being called Ms. Farn-HAM. . .)

  6. I have been here a few months but starting slow. I will be checking out everyone's blog and I hope you check out mine. I have been enjoying the experience and am impressed with all the bright minds out there in the world.

  7. been here for a few weeks now , =) and loving everyones blog here =)
    *I appreciate other forms of blog too aside from art*
    i love checking everyones blog ^.,^
    and I am always amazed of how awesome other artist are with their artworks =)

    my blog/site is all about Art and Designs and some random stuffs
    id be glad if you guys will drop by:

  8. mmdonaldson315

    Been here a few days and loving it. If you're new you would try submitting your blogs to and maybe pick up a few new readers there.

    I look forward to checking out all of your blogs and hope you'll check mine out too!

  9. Thanks for the advice, mm. I have been doing stumbleupon too. . .that helps a little. . . .

  10. wow. that reddit really works. :) 28 views from there in an hour.

  11. Hey everyone, I started my blog up awhile, but only got to posting till now - if you're interested in spiders, but never questions 'why spiders?' take a look at my blog.

    Would also like to know what I could do to make readers more interested.

    Thanks! and I'll comment on yours too :)

  12. I've started writing some poetry and my second post is up on my site. Would be great if you guys could check it out and leave any thoughts or advice. It's lighthearted and hopefully pretty amusing to read, it's also not long which if you ask me are three reasons to definitely stop by. Thanks

  13. I'm kinda new been blogging for a couple of months but post a lot in a day sometimes. If you like random stuff I have it. Check it out and I'll check yours out. Thanks all

  14. New to blogging just started a few days ago and so far I'm loving it. If you have time check out my site and let me know what you think. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

  15. I'm pretty new to this game...Only playing, really, as my job doesn't really allow me to stretch my imagination as, I guess as a youngster, I was expecting! Please check out my blog and feel free to give me any constructive feedback! I'm pretty proud of it so far...It's more fun and addictive than I imagined :p I've written reviews, observational pieces and generally anything I find interesting, really! I hope you enjoy, I'll be checking out some of your guys stuff. Looks good!

  16. I'm new and trying to get more people to follow my page and like it! I don't want people to be like: "Oh that was cool, I won't check it out after this though". No, it's updated five times a day so please, look at my amazing stories about amazing people!

  17. Pretty sure my link didn't work! Sorry!

  18. mmdonaldson315

    Hey guys I'm still new and trying to gain some more readership. Please check out my blog and tell me what you think.

  19. mmdonaldson315

    A huge thanks to everyone who has liked and read my blog, you have no idea how much it means!

    I'm just wondering if there is anything you would like me to write about? I have a ton of ideas but I want to get your input on what you want to know about living in your quarter-life in 2011 almost 2012.

    Once again thanks for taking time to read my blog and I hope you keep enjoying it!

  20. I've been blogging for almost a month now, and I'm finding it very helpful in organizing my thoughts, working out emotions, etc.

    It's my ramblings about trying to deal with the harsh reality of false love, figuring out what I want and/or need, and generally just trying to get my head on semi-straight.

    Yes Is Messy

  21. I'm not really a "new" blogger but I still feel pretty green when it comes to blogging in general...and I love sharing with others. :)

    Here's my latest!

  22. lindseylovesnailsetc

    Here is my new blog:

    It's basically a beauty blog focussing on nails and all the other things a girl loves :)

    Please comment if you visit - I havent had any yet and would be very grateful! (and willing to return the favour!)


    Lindsey xxx

  23. I'm a week in, and here's my new blog about lots of things - I have just done a piece on iPads and potatoes due to be published imminently - as far as my blog goes, am I on the right track? Have hit just over 400 views today, what are other people's counts like?

    Always love to hear comments, and always keen to see what other people have to offer so I can learn from the pros!

    Looking forward to seeing you there

  24. I've been blogging for 3 months. I know now more than I did then, but when I look at other blogs I realise it's about 1% of what there is!

    My subject matter is also not soft and comfortable so it's not everyone's taste. But the audience is slowly growing provided I post regularly. How do you measure success, or any achievement for a niche blog?

    When I started I was happy if the daily views reached double figures. Now I get depressed at less than 100, especially since I've had a few 400/500+ days and peaked at nearly 800. Is this good? I simply don't know. I've become a bit of a stats junkie and am struggling that it won't become an obsession!

    What I have found is that Reddit is good for promotion, Stumbleupon is poor and Digg totally useless.

    Only recently I'm getting some direct hits from search engines. But there are very few likes, comments or subscribers. This leads me to wonder - does anyone actually READ the stuff? Or is it 3 seconds and away? The stats don't tell me.

    I'd appreciate any feedback - and wish good luck to all of us!
    You can find me at:

  25. Today on “Ties to Small Town”: We all are feeling pretty full after our holiday meal. But here’s a recap of the holiday. Feel free to share your Thanksgiving traditions in a comment. Visit for a reflection on Turkey Day 2011.

  26. Earlier today, we posted about Thanksgiving reflection. Now, we're mixing it up a little bit with a bit of different news about your holiday meal in a post titled: "Wait a minute! What did I just eat?!"

    That's at

  27. findingthegreat

    Hello! I started blogging just yesterday and I was wondering if someone could take a look at my 2 blogs? and I don't have much on them, obviously, but the first is going to have all the cool new happenings that I can find. The second will be just about my life. Ramblings and such. I'm also going to have my art and writing on there, some photographs are already up.
    Please check it out and I'll look at yours! :)

  28. findingthegreat

    Sorry, the first is the one about me, the second is other things. lol

  29. @ findingthegreat

    Firstly good luck.

    Blogposting is a never ending learning experience - so nice try for your first posts.

    May I gently suggest you double check for typos and spelling before posting? Just friendly advice!

    My blog inhabits a different world from yours - but you're welcome to peep!

  30. phoenixtearsheal

    been here about a month and liking it very much,
    My blog is at
    It's a place for my poems, songs, and pics.
    Views and helpful comments welcome,

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