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new blue favicon

  1. Anyone noticed the new blue favicon from

    First i thought it was a mistake, but it isn't. This new blue favicon looks very like the one on ''.

    And I really really really still don't understand why WordPress users can't have there own favicon? Especially for the user with 'Domain mapping' AND 'Custom ccs'.

    If don't have 'Domain mapping' and i registered a domain name elsewhere i can have my own favicon by using a standard 'redirect frame'.

    :arrow: -> (only the wordpress favicon)
    :arrow: (with my own favicon)

  2. And why not use the (gr)avatar as favicon?

  3. has said that at some point we may be able to have custom favicons, but as with most things, you never know when it will become reality, if it ever does.

  4. Send a request to staff via the support tab.

  5. Yeah, a custom favicon would be great.

  6. I was kinda hoping it meant we all get free cars.

  7. Yes, for every WP user a free Volkwagen.

    I want a Beetle, a green one. :lol:

  8. Convertible vintage Karman Ghia for me. In black, cuz that's how I roll.

  9. I like the changes made recently, and it gives me the feeling that some more very cool and useful changes are coming soon.

  10. Let's hope so! ;-)

    And let's hope that a favicon is one of them. ;-)

  11. Would be a good incentive for an upgrade.

  12. Agreed- WP, where's my favicon option?! it's the small things that make me think that some of the other blogs might be a better option for us.

  13. lol

  14. By sending a request to the staff you will get this answer:

    Thanks for your suggestion. I have added this to our user suggestion list which is reviewed on a regular basis.


  15. You can create a custom favicon.

    In your header.php file insert above the links to the stylesheets:

    <link rel="shortcut icon" href="your/path/here/favicon.ico" />

    You will need to put in your own path to your favicon. If you create your own favicon make sure it has the extension .ico

  16. We have no access to our .php files at That only works for independently-hosted blogs.

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