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New Button?

  1. Just a curious question: on my dashboard, before i only see posts, write a post, add a bookmark and comments. Now i see a new button called "invite your friends". Does it have something to do with how long i used the blog?

  2. i don't think so. i think it's just recently added...

  3. I saw it tonight for the first time too.

  4. I've seen it for awhile, but have no idea what it's for. I'm a blogger! As if I have friends!

  5. ok. maybe its just a dashboard upgrape thingy.

  6. I think it's to email your friends to invite them to WordPress.

  7. Exactly hazysky - that's indeed what it is. ;)

  8. ok thanks. so it is a upgrade ADVERTISE thingy.

  9. No. It's an invite your friend to become a blogger thingee.

  10. yeah i know. I got thingy fever.(advertise, invite, its like ALMOST, and I do mean almost, the same)

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