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New categories are not showing up

  1. I've created a new subcategory using the Manage > Categories page, but the new subcategories do not show up in the selectable list on the Write Post page.

  2. Strange. I just created one and it showed up fine when I went to Make Post.

    It may be a cache issue. While on the Make Post page, do a CTRL-F5 keypress. That'll do a fresh reload of the page.

    What OS, browser, etc. are you using?


  3. I tried a Shift+Reload, it didn't work. The system stuff is: FreeBSD 6, Galeon 2 based on Mozilla 1.7.12.

    I have a lot of subcategories (I use them as tags); there isn't a max, right?

  4. I also just tested in straight-up Mozilla 1.7.12 and Firefox 1.5 (all on FreeBSD 6) and it didn't work there (this also removed any idea of a caching issue). If you really think this is related to the browser I can try Safari on OS X, but I don't think that's it.

  5. There is a max of 100 shown at once, and a bug related to that. We should be fixing the bug soon.

  6. I see the categories now. Sorry about that. I was looking at the page your name was linking to. Now I see the WP blog.


  7. Is there any other way to add categories to a post?

  8. Yeah you can type them in in the quick-add box.

  9. has the 100 limit on categories' bug been fixed in 2.0.1 update? if not, is there a way to select a category that exists, but can't be seen in the post page right hand column box?

  10. Appears not.


  11. I added a category hours ago titled "contact me," and though it shows up in my dashboard, it doesn't show up on my site. I am new to this, but every other category I have added instantly popped up, no problem. I have tried editing, deleting and doing it again and still, it's not there for viewers. So far, the Word Press blog has been easy and I'm really impressed and happy with it. I've had lots of compliments on the professional look of the site.

    But I need this contact me section. HELP!

  12. Denise, you have to make a post within that category for it to show up.

  13. Drmike, almost all of the other categories don't have post and they show up. But I tried that with the one I am working on anyway, and it still didn't show up.

  14. Actually, when you go to Manage Pages in the dashboard, all of my categories are listed there, including the one that doesn't show up on the home page. But when you click on the others, it takes you to that page or category. When you click on the one that is not showing up it leads you back to the home page.

  15. Can someone please help me fix this?

  16. I'm having the same problem. I have created 2 categories, and 3 sub categories under them, all show in my dashboard under categories, but none of them show from the home page in the links section.

  17. Hi there,

    Having category-related problems as well. Changed the names of several categories already containing several posts, but when you click on them (i.e. the category names,using the weblog's home- or frontpage) no posts show up. This have to do with an upgrade going on, or is it bug-related? Otherwise, this blog is OK! Really enjoying it!
    Thnx in advance for a helpful answer.

  18. I'm having the same problem as 50clock. I changed the name on a category, and now the link doesn't work. I can find them in the archives, but even if I press on the category reference at the bottom of a post that is *in* that category, nothing.

  19. I tried something that worked for me. When a category I created (Memories) didn't show up I created a 'test' one -category ABC.

    ABC did not show up but the previous one, Memories, did. Perhaps there's a bug of some sort which allows only the previous category created to show up.


  20. I am having the same problem and have read many of the related entries on posting, tags, and categories. I just sent my blog from blogger to wordpress ( All the categories work fine for me in the blogroll with respect to linking to blogs or websites under blogroll. But I am trying to take all my back postings, which were imported as "uncategorized" and put them under the same categories that I've created for blogs and things. None of these categories appear in the right-hand side box (only "uncategorized" appears there). When I try to add a category it tells me something strange happened and to refresh my browser, but this never works.

    My question: how can I use the same categories I already created in posting new entries on my blog? I have Mac OS X and I use Firefox.


  21. thistimethisspace

    New categories are normally added here -> Manage -> Categories. Have you checked to see if the Categories in question are there?

    Although you can add last minute new Categories "on the fly" in the Categories box on the write post page when making a post, there is something important to note about this. You cannot add Categories that you are not using on the post in question and intend to use in the future on other posts here and expect them to "stick" and display in your sidebar.

    Future use categories should be added here -> Manage -> Categories. And these "future categories" will not display in your sidebar until you publish one post that you have assigned the new Categories to.

    There is no method for bulk addition of Categories to "Uncategorized" posts. You will have to edit each post and add the Categories to them.


  22. Yes, all of my categories, as I mentioned, appear with respect to the blogroll. They are under Manage Categories. I can use them for the blogroll, but they do not show up when I want to write a post nor do they show up when I want to edit a post. How can I get them to do that?

  23. thistimethisspace

    If you enter the Categories here -> Manage -> Categories then you should see them in the little Categories box on every write post page.

    (an aside, just in case) For clarity I am talking about Posts and not Pages and I hope you are too because we cannot add Categories to static Pages.

    When you are on a brand new write post page can you see the Categories you want to use in the little Categories box to the right of the editor?

    If you do not see them there then you will need staff help. Except, for urgent matters support is closed on weekends. But you can send a feedback to staff on Monday with all the details.

  24. I am talking about posts and the categories are on the manage page you mention. Yet when I try to post something I cannot see any categories listed whether I'm editing a post or writing a new one.

  25. thistimethisspace

    Hmmm ... This is a shot in the dark -> Have you tried typing the Category into the little box when writing a post just to see what happens, even though you have already entered it via the admin panel. Maybe you have to type it in once for it to display in that little box when you make your next post after that.

  26. You are fabulous! It worked! Thank you so much!

  27. thistimethisspace

    Great! You're welcome.

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