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New comment box - font size

  1. I find the new font used for the comment box to be far too small, compared to the rest of the page which is readable (adjusting the font/viewing on the browser will increase the size of all text on the page).

    My other complaints are that the comment box is now too small (varies by theme), and that more size could be gained by having the logged-in identity much much smaller, as well as the buttons for the other log-ins - all of that at the bottom could be reduced in order to make the comment box bigger.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. may we please have an active link starting with http:// to the blog you are referring to?

  3. I like to be able to review what I'm *saying* before I publish a comment to the world and my eyesight is terrible.

    Teeny weenie type in the comment box is not working for me. In addition, I really don't need my avatar to be so BIG. I think we know who we are.

  4. <i>may we please have an active link starting with http:// to the blog you are referring to? </i>

    It is a private blog, so it would be pointless giving the URL.
    However, the theme is TwentyTen (unmodified).

    The comparison between published comments (the serifed font looks to be about 11-12pts) to the comment box, sanserif font which looks to be about 7-8pts.

    I would just like the same size as it used to be in the comment box. There was no problem with size before.

  5. @sargassosea1 and fabliberationist
    This is a new feature so we Volunteers haven't any experience with using it yet. There are other threads on the go here > and here >

    I'm thinking the best way to proceed may be contact Staff directly. >

  6. @sargassosea1
    We can increase font size on any site we visit on the internet. I'm on a PC so I hold the Ctrl key down and click the + sign to increase the font size and hold the Ctrl key down and click the - sign to decrease the font size.

  7. Oh dear I messed up that contact Staff link. Here's the correct one >

  8. @timethief

    I am well aware of the ctrl+ business to increase the font size. However, I have not had to use it before to compose comments, and it adjusts ALL fonts on the page, not selectively to that one comment compose box. Why should I have to do this now, every time I want to compose a long comment?

    I looked at the two threads on the forum before starting this, they were different issues (mine is more general, probably not as theme-related). Another friend uses Vigilance theme, and the font size for composing box is the same (the published comments font is a point or two smaller).

    Basically, it (font size) was not 'broke' before this change. I would just like it back to the font size that it was, so that I can read it. It gives me a headache reading something that small.

  9. Another problem that has happened at least twice, is that the text of the comment just posted stays in the box instead of disappearing. So that is a fault.

  10. The blog I'm an editor with is also the TwentyTen theme, and we are having the same problem. The comment box suddenly changed today, and the font size is far too small. ctrl+ enlarges all the fonts on the page EXCEPT in the comment box. We are also having the same problem with the text of the comment staying in the box even after it's posted. This is also a private blog, dealing with sensitive issues, and I do not wish to post the address where it can be seen publicly. Thanks.

  11. Here's the the link to contact Staff. >

  12. I too have problems with the new reply box:

    1. The font size is too small
    2. My readers with dyslexia cannot see grey text on a bright white background.
    3. Sometimes the text remains after posting.

    However, my biggest problem is that my forum postings here are not being seen (I can see them). Plus, I cannot create a new topic (I am told that my new topic is closed and that its 41 years old).

  13. Oh - and some users are complaining that they can't see anything when they try to comment, because the text is white on white!

  14. @ Lunarmommy
    I noticed that the first enlargement on Firefox does not make much difference, you have to ctrl+ it twice or more to see it enlarge significantly. The comment box is persistently small!

    One of my commenters with an older browser said the new system was causing huge problems, slowing down and crashing the browser.

  15. Yes, the comment text SIZE is my main issue but there is also that we used to be able to just *click* anywhere in the comment box and start typing but now we have to click <i>just right</i> on that tiny little "put your comment here".

    It's just unnecessarily tedious.

  16. Well, it seems that my issue with the box colour has been resolved - it now is white on charcoal grey (Coraline theme dark), so at least those with dyslexia are better off. However, as sargassosea1 has said, the font is tiny (12px). Should be14px. (Making fonts bigger via Ctrl + is silly as this increases the blog font size.)

    Why or why keep the attributes of the old reply box AND allow those who have paid for a CSS upgrade to change color AND font-size? This goes against the whole philosophy of "style" IMO.

  17. Have you bloggers filed support tickets with Staff?

  18. Yes I did. Unfortunately as they never reply you dont have any idea whether they are listening or not. :-(

  19. My problem with the new comment box is that it is at the very bottom of my blog making it very hard to find to comment on. You have to do plenty of scrolling to find it. That is not a good thing. I wish this would get fixed.

  20. @xtap59
    How will Staff know you have an issue with it? Have you contacted them?

  21. Yes I have, plus an additional issue with the blog today as well.

  22. Good then please wait patiently for them to reply to you. :)

  23. Yes, very skilled in patience. Just letting other people know about other issues with the new commenting box.

  24. Surely the staff responsible for this rollout would keep their eyes on the forums to see if users are having problems? It would be more efficient than generating lots of support tickets and dealing with individual "problems".

    These problems are general (to WPcom), some are (with the contrast thing) specific to some template styles, however, the general complaint not specific to any template style is that the font was made too small. It is a global thing.

    In looking at the html, the problem resides in the code in "comment-form-nascar", but specifically probably in "comment-form-field comment-textarea" or <div id="comment-form-comment"><textarea id="comment" name="comment"></textarea></div>
    whereby they either did not specify a font size, or specified the wrong font size. Easy peasy global fix. No biggie. Just specify whatever font size was in the previous version of the comment box. It worked.

    And gosh, if they called their new comment box rollout "nascar" then surely they expected some of them to hit the wall in a spectacular firey crash? LOL

  25. Is timewarp a bot? It seems to build a no-answer response around one word in your comment. {Patience).

  26. Okay, NOW, just recently, the last comment I make stays in the comment box as others have mentioned.

    And the font in the comment box is still tiny.

  27. @ajill
    I am not a bot. I am a Volunteer a fellow blogger who chooses to support forum answer questions to the best of my ability. The fact is that Volunteers cannot help with technical issues like this one and I believe I have made that clear. Only Staff can resolve your issues in this case. To cope with the font size in the meanwhile I have posted above what you can do to increase font size. That's all I can do and I don't appreciate being insulted.

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