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New comment format prohibits me from commenting on blogs with black background.

  1. Hi, since the WP comment box format changed, I cannot comment on blogs that have a black comment box (certain dark themes have this). It's black on black and I cannot see what I'm typing. How do I fix this?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Which browser are you using? Is it possible for you to switch?

  3. Hi Wank, thanks for the suggestion, but no. I think we're on the latest or second to latest of IE.

  4. What is the URL starting with http:// for the site in question please?

  5. There have been others who have reported this same issue and they were using the Modularity Lite theme. Is that the theme being used on the blog in question?

  6. Hi, it happens across many themes - any of the ones whose comment boxes show up in black. I've tried all the above suggestions, except using another browser, which is not an option.

  7. Volunteers cannot make changes to comment boxes - Staff can and I believe they are aware of this issue. Have you filed a support ticket?

  8. In the meantime, you could always fire up Notepad, write your comment in there, then copy/paste it into the comment box. I know it's clunky but it's better than not being able to see what you're typing.

  9. What I did was click the comment link and start typing. As soon as I started typing the text appeared and I knew the comment would take so I completed it and clicked "submit". It worked. BTW there are other threads on this and Staff is aware of the issue and working to improve it.

  10. @Timethief - thank you for the information and for letting me know they're working on it! Should I still submit a ticket?

    Also - and let me know if I misunderstood what you meant, but when I click the comment link, I can see myself typing, just barely. The trouble is that the font is so dark I can't see what I'm typing. It's like dark dark blackish brown against black. It does appear just fine after I submit it, but with some pretty wild typos. My friends do have a sense of humor, though. ;)

  11. @Wank - yes, that's what I've been doing! :)

  12. Yes, submit a ticket anyway.

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