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    I have an article that now has 62 comments, and yesterday something went wrong.
    I tried to comment, from within the dashboard, on what I believe to be the 59th post.
    The woman that commented made another comment, in which she said she couldn’t see her own reaction.
    And I couldn’t see my answer too.
    From within Dashboard everything looked fine, but when you look at the article itself: it stops after a certain comment.
    I tried to alter the options in Settings – Comments – Misc. to divide comments into parts of, and other options, but it seems stuck?
    Could somebody please check why it’s not showing more comments?
    I’m using Garland as theme.

    The blog I need help with is



    Sorry, just found out that that somebody had been qouting, so, it was the nesting thing that was set at 5, all is well again, sorry to have bothered you guys with this, but hey, let’s not throw away this one, it might help others….

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