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    The new comments threading doesn’t work on my blog. I used ROUNDED THEME. Could you give more informations.

    The blog I need help with is



    You have to enable it first in order to have comment threading. From Comment Threading is Here!:

    Go to Settings > Discussion in your dashboard, and you’ll discover three new options in the “Other comments settings” section:
    “Enable comments [x] levels deep”
    “Break comments into pages with [x] comments per page and the [first or last] page displayed by default”
    “Comments should be displayed with the [newer or older] comments at the top of each page”



    Arcadata: thank you for your help. I know all that. I already went to the settings and did the change withou result. But no change. May be, I’m doing something wrong by answering ?


    Interesting. I just visited your blog and do not see the link to reply to a particular comment either.

    Go to settings > discussion and on the “Enable threaded (nested) comments __ levels deep” line, make sure that it is set to a number other than 1, such as 3 or 5, and see if that fixes things. I just set my test blog to the same theme you are using and as long as I have it set to more than 1 level, I see the “reply” button for each comment. If I have it set to 1, the “reply” link disappears from the comments.



    Thesacredpath: thank you so much for your help. I made everything you said … no changes. The “answer button” doesn’t appears. I’m really lost.


    I just switched back to rounded on one of my test blogs, and here is a screenshot showing the reply link, which should be at the bottom of each comment.

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