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New Content Box with possible flash image within.

  1. Hi,

    I need to make a content box which includes text, links and several images that show as a slide show.

    Any suggestions!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Can you explain a little further what you mean about a "content box" and where you want to use it?

  3. No problem!

    RIM's website has an idea of what i am talking about:

    I need to create two separate "boxes" which include images and text/links within. People can click inside these boxes at the links.

    Thanks for writing!!

  4. That isn't something that can be done with CSS. My suggestion would be to find a theme that has a post slider at the top and then you create posts and add them to the slider by making them sticky posts and creating and assigning a featured image to the posts.

    You can use the feature filter at to find themes that have a post slider.

  5. You know, there is sort of a "backyard" workaround. You would create a post with the info and image you need and then set that post as a sticky post which would put it at the top of your main content column. You can then create specific selectors to target that particular post by ID# and then style that post as you desired.

  6. Here is a direct link to the list of themes that have built in post sliders:

    The Oxygen theme might be a really good fit for you:

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