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New contributers, writers and editors unable to see blog

  1. I have a community blog with roughly fifteen writers, contributors and editors thus far. This is the 3rd time this has happened. I give the user some sort of rights (writer, contributor or editor) and the blog never shows up under the "My Blogs" bar. Does it sometimes take a couple days for the rights to be transfered to the other user?

  2. What is the URL of the blog?

  3. Tell them to log out of wordpress, clear their browser cache and cookies, restart their browser and then log back into their accounts. Some browsers are reluctant to update cookies and hold onto cached pages and such way too tenaciously, IE in particular.

  4. That didn't work. He also tried on 2 separate computers using 3 different browsers on each. Are publuic blogs limited to the amount of editors they can have?

  5. No they are not. Go to users > users in your dashboard. Is the person listed there?

    Also double check with them that when you added them you used the email address that they have listed in their dashboards under settings > general (their admin email address).

  6. Person is listed there, and they used the right email address. I've even tried removing them and re-adding a few times. Tried different permissions. It's frustrating because in all logical sense the blog should be listed there. Maybe I should contact a person?

  7. This is the link for filing a support ticket with Staff >

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