New dashboard design: problem with widget management

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    This link, given in this thread, seems to address my issue:

    Hopefully it’ll solve the issue ;-)



    Actually it’s a rather lame workaround compared to the old simple drag and drop way.




    It seems to me that most of us use Firefox or other free browsers (I use Flock), but I think WordPress guys should make their platform work on all types of browsers, including IE.

    Still whatever types of browser they are using, people are encountering problems with this new dashboard, because it seems like it was released before all the bugs were fixed.

    I’m now going to see if support has opened! ;-)



    Well, I have contacted the support team with quite a detailed report of the trouble encountered with the new widgets dashboard, so I’ll see what they can do about it. I’m actually quite hopeful! ;-))



    I’m having a similar problem as Abeldi. I am trying to add a text widget. I can edit and put information in the text widget. Then I hit Change but I DO NOT have a “save changes” button so after I hit “change” it doesn’t stick because I do not have the option to SAVE CHANGES. The text widget just disappears and no changes can be saved. GRRRR. I’m running the Blix WP theme.



    Formatting now OK but having the same delete issue with text widgets as expat.



    I have read somewhere else that this problem with the widget dashboard can be related to the WP theme you are using. It seems that, for example, Blix is problematic. I’m goin to try using another one and see what happens.



    i don’t even get widget boxes anymore!!! what the freak is happening-this is frustrating and confusing. no more sidebar, no more boxes to drop and drag.

    i am so unhappy



    What everyone else said. I’m having a problem with the disappearing ‘edit’ link on my text widgets, too.



    I got a response from the support team and indeed, there was a problem with the Blix theme, which they have solved, at least for me. I have just been making a change in my widget dashboard and it is now working fine.

    As for me, I consider my problem as resolved. If you don’t mind then, I’ll close this thread. If you still have troubles with your widgets, you should maybe check with the support team as well or other forum threads.

    I thank all the other nice users who kindly offered suggestions as to how to resolve the situation.



    >>Ya u cant drag and drop betw sidebars.. you will have to edit-copy code go to other >>sidebar paste… save.. check if item is displaying properly on 2nd sidebar delete item >>from 1st sidebar (looong process I knw.. I cant see any other way

    Control-C (copy) does not work inside the widget. Control-V (paste) does work!

    Is it me or is it WP?



    Using Kubrick theme. For the most part new Dashboard seems to be working fine. But I am having the same problem as many of you in terms of not being able to edit or remove Text widgets from my side bar.

    Hope worpress gets this sorted soon.



    Why is this topic marked as “resolved”? I cannot organize my widgets at all. I can’t add widgets that I have previously removed. The “add” link disappears, even though they aren’t on any of the sidebars.

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