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New dashboard : enhancement suggestions

  1. New dashboard : enhancement suggestions.
    This list can be extended by other bloggers in their answers.

    On the Comments page :
    - font is one size too small
    - clicking on the name of the author of a comment for editing it, is unintuitive at all ; now, I know how to do, it is Ok for me, but if you do not change that, you will get posts on your forum with always the same question for three years :-)
    There are many possibliies :
    - restore the "Edit" button,
    - a line of text : "For editing this, click on author name"
    - a pop-up on demand.

    That is the same thing for editing posts.

    On editing comments :
    Set the fields "Name", "e-mail" and "URL" on the same line as it was on the old dashboard.
    Now they take the half of the screen with a lot of empty space.
    Now, you have to scroll down the editing comment page to access to its text.

    On editing comments :
    Do not set the button "Delete" right next to the button "Save" : it is dangerous.

    On deleting a comment :
    Add a confirmation question.

    On editing posts :
    Restore the button "Save and continue editing".

    On editing posts :
    Do not set the button "Delete" right next to the button "Save" : it is dangerous.

    On the dashboard :
    Set a link "Dashboard" on the top of all pages of the dashboard : there is enough space for that !

  2. >>>On editing posts :
    >>>Restore the button "Save and continue editing".

    Oh yes!


    Put Categories on TOP. I keep forgetting to scroll down to check off Categories for posts now!

  3. dissfunktional

    I agree with so many of these!
    There are more enhancements to come

    so we'll see what we get; it'll be like waiting for Christmas - do we get what we want, or naaawwwtt? ;)

  4. writingeveryday

    Ditto to bigger fonts.
    Move the text about what template you're using to the bottom.
    Sort Pending Review posts by date to publish, like the other views of your posts.
    Restore default blog stats to Today.

  5. the disappearance of the "save and continue editing" button is a pain in the ass. All the other things I'm putting up with, but this ticks me off.

  6. Ach. I don't think I'll ever get used to Categories down there now. All I did today were *two* posts. And it wasn't until seeing them much later that I realized both were Uncategorized!

  7. I'm loving the "Most used" option on Categories. Saves tons of time for us over-categorizers.

  8. I tried that once. I don't understand the algorithm behind it. What I expected to be there wasn't. Besides, you still have to remember to scroll down!

  9. True. I think they want to encourage tags instead of categories, frankly.

  10. I never use tags. It's bad enough sometimes I don't remember all the Categories I use (and it's not that many!). Trying to keep tags in mind is a recipe for a rubber room.

  11. Exactly. Besides, I can't see any SEO advantages to tags whatsoever, while I certainly can for Categories. But god knows people have tried to get me to change my mind. I expect that as time goes on the tags and categories here will diverge in more meaningful ways and I for one don't want to be caught on the wrong side of the divide.

  12. bongocelebrity

    These are brilliant suggestions.I hope WP is listening.

  13. On editing posts :
    Set "Post Author" (in addition to "Categories" already suggested by mikecane) on the right column (there is plenty of free space under "Related").

    Image upload :
    - upload from URL : let description as optional
    - add the amount of free space as in old version
    - class aligncenter does not work ; I use p and align as before
    - IO Error when trying to upload images : very often ; sometimes it works, sometimes this error happens.

  14. These are great suggestions! As the author of the blog I miss being able to "edit" or respond to guests in the same comment instead of just making a new comment underneath. Hopefully WP will put the Edit Comment back in as well as others you have suggested.

  15. dissfunktional

    thehostess, you still have that option; just click on the commenter's name.

  16. The Edit comment button still appears if you've got Custom CSS, or so I would judge from my blog.

  17. crushed4iniquity

    You can use div instead of P and it will still work. p paragraphs it. not sure what div means but it doesn't mess with anything like double spacing. Just remember to close it... /div

    By the way. You guys don't need to cuss. There are better, more artistic nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs out there in the english language. Ones that will help you explain yourself better. Some of the cuss words could mean anything really. :)


  18. crushed4iniquity

    OH, let me make my last post clear. The top paragraph is to SPQR, the bottom paragraph is to the cussers. Thanks.

  19. @crushed4iniquity
    Yes, I use also <div> instead of <p>, particularly when I do not want a

  20. Add a confirmation question asked before deletion of spam comments.

  21. Hi there!
    I am looking for posts/topics/threads regarding button "Save and continue editing".
    How is that possible that they removed a basic feature for all the ppl in the world working with a PC??
    The basic rule is save while working, as often as you can.. and now saving you navigate out?
    It is amazing I cannot find any answer from Matt and other creators about THIS topic!!
    Good you propose the improvement.
    I hope to find other references!

  22. I think that's because you're the only one experiencing this. I've seen the opposite. I responded in the other thread.

  23. Widgets :
    - Text widgets : Give the possibility to widden the window for editing text widgets ; it is too small.
    - do not let the "delete" button right next to the "save" button : it is dangerous, you could accidentally hit this "delete" button ; you might set the "delete" button on the lower right corner, for example.
    - deleting a widget : add a confirmation question (with "Ok" and "Cancel" as usual).

  24. This may be off topic to the Dashboard, but it is a suggestion for improvement to the way ( I think ) it use to be.
    When uplpading an image remotely, I used to be able to include the <img src> address, without the dimensions, this no longer seems to work, I cannot know the dimensions, working on a smartphone, I think it is the dimensions, certainly it seems no longer possible to just include the image address, which means remote hosting the images like on photobucket etc. Then it works.

  25. >>On editing posts :
    >>Restore the button "Save and continue editing".

    I agree with it. Also, with the old dashboard, when I clicked the "edit" button from an entry of the blog page to go to admin area to edit it, finished editing, and saved it, the page was returned to the initial blog page. Now with the new dashboard, it remains in the same window. As I modify my posts continuously on the blog, it was far friendlier for me to be redirected to the initial blog post when finishing editing (if I didn't want to go back to the blog post, I just had to clilck "Save and continue editing"). Now I have to click "Visit site" or "View this post" to go back, and what happens is that "Visit site" doesn't bring me to the original post, and "View this post" gives me another page which is not always necessary. I DON'T LIKE IT.

    For the "Most used" categories, I think it's fine for some, but as I don't use this option and always have to click "All categories", all the time, I hope WordPress people let me choose which option should be default.

    Also, with the old dashboard, when I wanted to do the same thing to another blog (say, manage categories), I just had to click the name of the other blog. Now with the new dashboard, it brings me to the top page ("wp-admin/") and I have to click twice to get to the option I want.

  26. This is my idea. In short, I think the "Latest Posts" lists (in your main dashboard page) should be language-specific, just like "Top blogs today", "Top Posts from around", and "Fastest Growing blogs".

  27. On deleting a comment :
    Add a confirmation question.

    I would like to voice my thought on this remark. I have had many numerous calls where I almost clicked on delete on one of the comments! It would then appear as I don't like some of the comments people give me if I was to accidentally delete them..... and well, we know we can never get them back once we press delete..

  28. secondchancetolive

    Please make the editing comments feature available as you had on the old dashboard.

    Thank you.


  29. Global Dashboard > My Comments

    I think it would be useful if there was a link to see a list of post feeds you've commented on, so you could track down a site or comment that hasn't be recently added to.

  30. I'd like to see Stats moved to the bottom of the main dashboard page, to encourage people to look at the other blogs in the community. Nobody is more stat-focused than me, but I'd scroll down without complaint. The way it's set up now, most of the time I don't even glance at the other blogs.

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