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New dashboard issues!

  1. crossbenchconsulting

    I like the new dashboard. The only issue I have is that I run lots of blogs, and the three I have to update the most cannot be found in the dropdown menu that you now have to use to see all your blogs.

    Why has this happened? Is anyone else having problems with the new dashboard?

  2. I don't even have the drop-down menu! :(

  3. The link dropped off my meta widget :(

  4. You have to click on the tab "All my blogs" to get the drop-down menu. I have 5 blogs, I see 4 of them in tabs, then "All my blogs."

    We should say the OS & browser: XP with Firefox.

  5. I don't have an "All my blogs" tab. It's so strange!!

  6. crossbenchconsulting

    I have clicked the all my blogs tab and they are not all shown in the drop down menu. That was the point I am trying to make. They area still there - but I cant access them from the all my blogs drop down menu.

  7. Hmmm... OK, my latest blog wouldn't appear in the prior Dashboard because I was using a custom image header and if I put a name in the form, it would appear beneath the custom image. So I didn't put in a name. Then I finally found out about the "Hide text" button! So I could put in the blog name, check that box, and all was well.

    Dashboard->Settings -> Is Blog Title filled in? It should be!


    Dashboard->Design->Custom Image Header -> Click Hide Text button!

    Is that what's happening with you too?

  8. crossbenchconsulting

    It appeared in the previous dashboard. Let me see if this will resolve it. It doesn't appear to be providing any joy yet.

  9. crossbenchconsulting

    Nope - doesn't help I'm afraid

  10. I'm out of suggestions, then!

    As for the other guy:

    >>>I wanted to update a picture on a post and there is no way to go back in to make a change.

    Manage->Posts won't let you get to the post?

    All my publish posts have an Edit button at the bottom. I can usually change anything.

  11. crossbenchconsulting

    Thanks anyway. Just really weird that the three sites I used most out of about 30 arent on the dropdown list.

  12. im having MAJOR problems with the new dashboard, i get script errors and whenever i save my blog post it completely changes everything including font sizes and all the rest... this is NOT a good change, i was the original back

  13. I tried the Blog Title suggestion earlier but that didn't work for me either. I had thought that maybe the tab wasn't coming up because my blog didn't have a title... but nope, that's not it. I still don't have an "All blogs" pull-down menu either, which is weird since everyone else seems to!

  14. I'm lost. I can't find my blog roll!

  15. crossbenchconsulting

    Does anyone from wordpress take on board these issues??

  16. Hmmm... I wonder if the length of blog title might be a factor?

  17. crossbenchconsulting

    OK well my titles are "Roger Helmer MEP" and "Crossbench Consulting" - neither appear on the new drop down. Longer ones do mind you

  18. crossbench: if you look in the dozen or so other threads about the new upgrade, you'll find lots of comments with a yellow background. Those are all from staff. They are keepign support open all weekend as well to deal with these issues.

  19. crossbenchconsulting

    I think you may be on to something re the custom header - as these three all have that.

  20. It might help us narrow down the source of the problem if you let us know what browser and version and OS you're all using. Opera users are reporting some errors nobody else is experiencing.

  21. crossbenchconsulting

    Thanks raincoaster - hope they can comment on what to do on this little one :o)

  22. Yeah, go see about the name NOT being in the form.

    Here's a clue too: Go to each blog and see if the title appears in the title bar of YOUR BROWSER. Mine didn't until I did the steps I outlined.

  23. Any help on the "All blogs" tab / menu issue I'm having? The only way I can get to one of my blog's dashboards is to go the blog itself and then to its dashboard. This is really inefficient.


  24. crossbenchconsulting

    I use the latetst IE with Vista.

  25. I can't edit my comments any more! How am I supposed to respond to my readers' comments now? Is there a trick?

  26. crossbenchconsulting

    Seems to... this is the blog:-

  27. I can't upload images anymore...ugh. I miss the old interface. :(

  28. writerchick, there are already two threads on the issue you mention. Read those.

  29. >>>this is the blog:

    Yeah, it appears in my browser title bar OK. Something else is going on. WordPress bug!

  30. crossbenchconsulting

    Also the same issue exists in Fiirefox - so I dont think this one is a browser issue. I am certain it has something to do with using a custom header.... but what to do I am not so sure of.

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