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New dashboard issues!

  1. I can't view my dashboard. It loads for a second than goes blank. Any information I have to
    view on Global dashboard. change is not always good.

  2. teachernotebook

    I use one of my two blogs to teach a computer class and it is totally unusable. Every time I try to write a post some different thing happens. Fortunately I published the page I needed for tonight's class just before the craziness started. But this afternoon when I tried to upload the info for Saturday's class, it was total chaos. No announcement, no notes, no guidelines for using whatever they changed, and just a bunch of users going crazy in the forums. Apparently I cannot depend on WordPress for this class anymore.

  3. I like the new look...just wondering about this one thing:

    - when I leave "Dashboard" for say "Comments" how do I get back to "Dashboard" without viewing site and starting all over again?

    - where does the "Dashboard" option go?

    - it would be helpful to still have "Dashboard" available no matter what page is being viewed in the new format.

  4. You should have links to up to 4 of your dashboards up at the top and then an "All my blogs" link if you have more than 4 blogs.

  5. hanginwithdave

    i have the new dashboard but now it is all skewed. the rest of the site works fine. i get the error message in the bottom left corner when i open dashboard. anyone know why?

  6. I'm having a hard time with the new dashboard~ The old one was easier to manage for me!

  7. boisecitynews2

    Me too! When I try to change Font Color it tries to close IE tells me i'll lose any thing that i haven't saved before i have a chance to save it. Whats up with that. I liked the other version, But Without change we stop learning? I'll get use to it it may take a while. I'm very new to this, but I have learned how to change a HTML note, it just takes awhile to figure it out. The Cut & Paste method is easier. Thanks, Don (

    P.S. My Brain is Hurting, I do this when I've Been Drinkin', D.S.

  8. Anyone else having issues with none of the toolbar elements working correctly (specifically for creating links inside a post)? The dialog that pops up is nothing more than a blank box that I can't interact with. Basically, I now HAVE to go into the HTML viewer (which really messes up the post) and hand code any and all links that, before, simply required selecting the word/phrase and clicking on the link icon.

  9. I am having a BIG problem with my widgets! I can't add new text widget, coz when I do and press the edit link, it just goes wrong! arghh

  10. More detail? From what you have given me the only answer I can give you is 7.

  11. One of the most annoying problems right now has got to be wordpress changing my font sizes when i edit. Say i have a big font for the headline and i go edit, boom, it automatically changes the html and turns smaller!?!? this is making my life harder.

  12. pornstarbabylon

    Anyone else missing their link from their meta widget? Just the .org link shows. Doesn't that all help out with page rank too?

  13. Hello all,
    For this change I need to learn again all the buttons. Will waste lots of time. I need a snapshot of old dashboard to understand the new one. Do you have any?

  14. infolution, the problem for you is not WordPress. The problem is WORD. Do not ever paste from Word or elsewhere on the web without stripping out all the HTML.

  15. The heading for Recent Posts reads %BEG_OF_TITLE%Recent Posts%END_OF_TITLE%

  16. One by one that is happening for ALL the widgets. I think it has to do with staff working on each of them. Someone reported Recent Posts was broken, so I guess they're working on that now. I've heard the Author widget and at least one other having the same title error, but they're now fixed. It seems to be a temporary thing.

  17. can we change the color of dashboard /writing interface?

    I am quite uncomfortable to work under pink blue color.

  18. moonliteconcerto - Yes. Go to Users>Your profile and under personal options is the option to change to the classic color scheme.

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