New Dashboard “Page/Post” Buttons

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    Feedback about the new dashboard – the “New Page” and “New Post” buttons are right next to each other, and visually indistinguishable, and “New Page” is first reading Right-Left. So if I’m scanning for The Big Button At The Top, and not really reading, I write a new page rather than a post.

    Could the New Page button be moved somewhere else? I seem to do this on a regular basis, and only seem to notice I’m in the wrong place when I can’t Tag what I’d thought was a regular post.



    I too have very carefully had to “read” the two offerings each time instead of going into auto. Maybe just changing the order would solve it, as most people would be writing a post and this would come first if you read left to right (which I know some users won’t, of course). Then you could just click unthinkingly! Not a significant difficulty – I’m okay with the new dashboard now.

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