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    With the new dashboard layout, the link at the top of the page to privacy settings is gone. This was extremely useful for keeping track of the site’s visibility. The link at the top of the page was a good reminder that the blog is private/public. Now if you change the blog from public to private or vice versa, you have to remember to check the User settings if you want to change back. This link took up very little space and so I am wondering why it was removed.

    The blog I need help with is



    You can still check and change your privacy settings via Settings -> Privacy in your Dashboard.

    The new Dashboard is a work in progress, so we’re always looking for ways to improve it.

    Thanks for your suggestion!



    My feedback is exactly the same. I have many “private” blogs I use for testing purposes. I change the visibility settings when I am helping bloggers with issues they are trying to resolve. I strongly desire to see the visibility setting displayed next to the blog title that was removed restored.






    I don’t have a private blog – but making things easy to see is good – expecting someone to click down a few levels to check the privacy status is bad design and bull pucky based on my many years of designing operator interfaces in industrial plants.



    Yay! There’s support out there for restoring this useful feature. Waving banner and preparing petition (joking — sortof).



    Ah, OK, maybe we need a map to the updated Dashboard. :) Your blog’s Privacy setting is now mentioned in the “Right Now” module.


    Wow. That’s really buried! I wouldn’t have thought to look there, and even when I did the tiny little link was hardly noticeable.

    This blog’s privacy status is, IMHO, a crucial setting. Control of it shouldn’t be buried or inconspicuous.



    I did see it there but I still believe that restoring this feature next to top navigation bar next the blog title is my preference. I could see the visibility setting on my blogs instantly there without clicking into “Right Now”.



    I haven’t changed my mind because the info is actually there…somewhere. I still agree that the blog Privacy setting should be visible across any page one is visiting in the Dashboard, as it was previously. Having to go back to check the “Right Now” module in the Dashboard home page is just another superfluous click.



    Good to know you haven’t changed your mind. :)



    Thanks for considering the suggestion to restore the privacy settings link to the header.

    The problem with not having the Privacy settings visible in persistent navigation is that it’s one of those settings that is easy to change but hard to remember you’ve changed. And the implications can be huge–let’s say I temporarily change my blog to private while I’m trying out something new. Then I forget that I made the blog private until some time later when I check my stats… and notice that no one can see my blog! This could have a huge impact for folks who have a large following.

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