New dashboard works fine

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    The new dashboard works fine for me. I like it that now the post window fits my screen better I don’t need to scroll down. Moving tags to the top right and adding “Choose from the most popular tags” were great ideas too. But I also have a couple of nitpicks.

    One is about the publish button. Why is that “delete” is closer to the editing window? I think it should be either underneath or to the right of the publish button.

    Second I noticed that just below the top black border where it says “Dashboard” or “Edit Post” and so on there is a lot of white space that can be filled with most used items such as “new post” or “new page” that is now hidden in the menu on the black border. And please add back the link to forums instead of having inside the help menu.


    For the most part, I like the upgrade also. Since ya made a comment about the forums link being hidden, I thought ya might find this humorous (aka LOL style)


    @zeynel1: The Forum link has been added at the bottom of the dashboard.



    Just thought I’d add my praise for the new interface. I really like it, and have found it has taken very little time to get used to it.



    I see, but why not put it where it was before? Not a big deal but it takes more time to scroll down then to pull down the menu on top :)

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