New Domain Forwarding Problems

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    Hi I just got Domain Forwarding for my website from My new domain should be Here is what it says I have to do in order to activate my Domain Forwarding:

    In order for your Domain Forwarding Service to get activated you will need to do either one of the below
    Change the nameservers of to the below list

    (Once you have made the above changes allow for 24-72 hours propagation time before your service begins working)


    Add the following records to the current nameservers of IN A IN A

    How do I do this? I need help!



    It doesn’t quite work that way here. In order to have “domain mapping” here at and to get your domain to be the end URL when someone goes to you need to change the name servers for to:

    Once it is pointing at you can add the “domain mapping” for $10/year to have your blog with the end URL of I don’t think the domain forwarding services will work in this case, but I might be wrong.




    Dear Supprt, I have related question to this, so will not open new topic.

    I have domain mapping ON right now, that is -> goes to -> As you understand, as of now my blog engine still remains on


    Once I have setup my own engine on the same domain, that is, what I do so that anyone typing is re-directed to my, which is running on newly installed

    As I understand, once I have setup, with older content imported (from, new theme installed and tested, and so on, I will need to change nameservers from that of provided, which are set currently so that is the URL shown, to my domain hosting nameservers.

    Little confused … what I need to do so that:
    1. All traffic to my blog is re-directed to my new self hosted blog
    2. My older content on is left intact



    I think you will have to do that manually. There is no automatic redirect available. You will need to put up a post on your site with a link to your new site.



    You cannot redirect a URL that has “” in it. You CAN move with you, and that’s what most people do. Just set a static page to be the front of your blog with directions and a link to your new location.

    This is why I recommend getting a domain name really early in a blog’s life: so that most of the links go to the new URL and thus when you move the links follow you.

    Your older content on will not move or change unless you delete it, so nothing to worry about there.



    Thank you for your answers. It seems like domain mapping function will have surved me only few months. I was hoping that would have such re-direct function, so I would have continued paying for domain mapping.

    Thank you for your answers.

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