New domain upgrade, website not working

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    I recently upgraded my domain to I have changed the name servers on my web host to wordpress, but I can not edit through wordpress. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated because none of the other fixes recommended for other users in this forum have worked for me.

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    The blog I need help with is


    First off, it can take anywhere from a few hours to as much as 72 for the DNS changes to make it through all of the internet nameservers, and how soon you will see your blog with the new URL is entirely dependent on how often your ISP updates their nameservers.

    You do not edit . You edit . To the public, your site will appear behind the URL, but in your dashboard and such it will still reflect the wordpress.COM URL. You log into your site just as you have always done, add post, make changes, etc., in there and they will appear under the your new domain name and URL. Your blog is still physically at .



    Thank you for response. It appears you may be correct that my external website host may be slow to upgrade their nameservers. But I can confirm that wordpress has been updated and my blog is showing the new URL. I will wait to see if host monster will update their name servers and if that will fix the problem.

    If I may clarify your last comment, if I change the namservers through host monster to be that of wordpress, would it be true to say that wordpress is now hosting files related to And therefore, hostmonster is now simply the place with which I have registered my domain?


    Yes, I’m seeing your site here behind the new URL just fine, so just give it a bit of time.

    And yes, your blog, all your data and files are hosted here at and hostmonster is now just the registrar of your domain.

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