New domain: what to do with old one?

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    I just purchased a new domain, and I’m running wordpress on that site. But my new site doesn’t connect in any way to my old blog

    I have no idea how to get viewers who would go to my actorblogger site, to go to my new site. I am very new to this and I’m not sure if there is an obvious answer, or if there are ethical considerations.

    So what should I do to get myself up and running on my new site, and have the old one phase out?

    Thanks so much for your help!



    The link you gave to the old one doesn’t work. It should be

    [URL fixed – drmike]

    What I would do, since they are different blogs and you seem to be posting at both, is put a post up on each of them saying “and my other blog is here and it’s about…” and so on. Also, blogroll each site on the other.

    You’ll need to re-register with Google Blogsearch, and Technorati as well if I’m not mistaken, plus any other blog registries you were at. Don’t delete the old one, though, unless you never want to see it again or connect with the people who used to link to you.



    I wonder if Technorati (Hey, I spelled it right!) has some system of combining two URLs together?

    Rain, you can’t use teh period at teh end of a sentance like that. The forum software adds it to the URL and it throws things off.

    Just for reference the ‘www’ bit takes the place of the ‘actorblogger’ birt. They can’t coexist or, as rain metions, something like 30% of the net can’t follow links like that.

    You’ve pretty much done all that you can do. One thing I would add in thouygh is remove all of the sidebar except for a single text widget mentioning that you’ve moved and give a link. Right now, if I come into a post like this one, there’s nothing telling me that you’ve moved. Sure, you’ve got a post labeled as such on your Recent Posts list but 1) its mixed in with the rest of the sidebar and 2) it’s below the bottom of my browser window and I miss it.

    Hope this helps,



    Technorati has NO system of combining the two URLs. None. How braindead is that? Several other blogranking systems do have that as an option.



    Actually I wonder how many support staff members Technorati has. I know eurodns, one of my domain registars, doesn’t have any. At least any with a clear concept of customer service. *grumble*



    Technorati’s position is that

    “I’m afraid that we are unable combine links from different URLs at this time. Links are URL based and are unique citations to that blog at that point in time.
    However, I can mark “” as a duplicate so that indexing and link count will point to “” from here on. Would you like me to mark “” as a duplicate?”

    Excerpted from



    Um, not exactly. They did that for engtech; they haven’t done it for me, nor do I see any evidence it’s what they usually do. They usually do nothing.

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