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new domains

  1. I keep getting this message when I add a domain name. "That hostname cannot be added to this blog."

    It doesn't say why or what I am doing wrong.

  2. Can you please supply some more information about exactly what you were doing and trying to achieve?

  3. We can sign up for new domains on I can't seem to get the system to work for me.

  4. uuummmm ... please look up at the top of the forum threads at the top of the pink sticky posts ... VOILA! there's one there on new features "domains"

  5. Have you checked that the domain name isn't already registered? If so you won't be able to add it. I may be wrong, but I got that message yesterday as well - difference is I already knew that was registered, so I suspected that was why.

  6. @britgirl
    All this dialogue is supposed to be directed to andy via the thread I sent the other party too.

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