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New dream blog

  1. yourdreamjournal


    What did you dream last night?

    I'm starting a new anonymous online blog inspired by PostSecret called Your Dream Journal and I'd love to hear your dreams.

    The blog is and I'll update it every Sunday starting this weekend with new anonymous dreams.

    There are no restrictions on form, style or content. You can write a letter, make a video, a collage, a painting, anything. Just send your dreams to [email redacted] or leave an anonymous comment on the main page of the site and I’ll post them!


  2. Nice idea, I shall be contributing! Although, I have messed up dreams so I'm glad it will be anonymous.

  3. Cool idea! I will definitely be paying you a visit...

  4. I like it! Certainly a blog worth linking to. :)

  5. yourdreamjournal

    Thanks guys!

    Submit as many dreams as you want and tell everybody you know-- I really think this can grow into something truly fascinating

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