New drop down menus causing trouble

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    Hi there. I usually love the WordPress updates, but the new dropdowns have me sad.

    I have three blogs, and the main thing I do with my dashboard is manage comments. Tucking that option two layers down in a hover menu is really slowing me up. I use a MacBook with a trackpad, and it’s just irritating as heck to have to nail the hover exactly right to make it down to the now-deep Manage Comments menu item.

    What would really rock is a customizable one-click button for the main menu bar, so I can get to my comments on my main blog with one click. I’m sure that many people feel the same way- New Post and Manage Comments are what I want to get with minimal clicking and especially no hovering.

    Am I missing something obvious that would help?

    The blog I need help with is



    I have many more blogs that you do and I’m getting used to the change. Staff will not be avaialbel until August 16th. At that time you can share your feedback suggestion with them.



    I can get used to it, but hover menus steal seconds from me. I just keep a tab open at all times with my comments screen(s) and that will have to do.

    Maybe I just hate hover menus period.
    And it might be a Mac thing; I don’t know. When I have occasionally used them with a friend’s PC, I do notice that the menus stick, instead of vaporizing, if you miss your mark. Maybe the klunkier graphics/screen interface of a PC is an advantage in this circumstance.



    The bottom line is that you will need to communicate with Staff when they return on August 16th.



    Sorry to interrupt the thread but be careful with the hover menus .
    Yesterday, I wrote a post and saved it to draft and when I went back to it, it had disappeared . I thought I had imagined it for about ten minutes until I checked my second blog and found it there ! I printed the draft and posted it to the correct blog .
    I had clicked the wrong blog in the hover menu .
    If I can do it anyone can – can’t they !



    Yes, hover menus are like that. I feel about them like I feel about touch screens; they lead to imprecision and error, and take extra seconds out of life, correcting mis-steps.

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