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    Hi, are we any closer to restoring left hand preview/update publish? If no one objected before why change a winning formula, if it was for mobile phone users ”adapt that alone”, I am sure many writers still prefer the online full key experience, is there ‘any’ update’ for those that have expressed a view?




    The whole point of having a collapsible (as suggested) menu is so that those of us who use a wide-screen theme (i.e. no widgets on the side) could collapse the menu and have a wide screen editor frame. It’s not happening.

    After more than two years WP is till unable to meet the standards, speed and functionality of the old system. It’s pitiful.


    Member has removed the justification and underlining options from the classic editor. This is absurd! Is it a way of forcing us to use the new editor?

    I warned of this absurd change in January::


    Hum, bad surprise, the drafts can’t be seen as before in a list and now are Huge and hard to post as I want, the side bar that disappeared was the easier way, the “improvements” make me lose time, lots. I was starting to think in a paid account but this is discouraging. Maybe you can add a way to switch to the other way -left sidebar, etc- as an option for the people like me, that saves drafts to post afterwards. :(



    @radtrad & @All

    If it is of any help:-

    The somewhat ridiculous explanation for loss of the tools is at:-

    The shortcut keys are still available (listed by the ? icon)
    Justify = Shift + Alt +j
    Underline = Ctrl+u

    I am quite sure they are trying to herd us into the new Editor as part of their move to all Application Programming Interface (API).

    If they would only replicate the original facilities then there wouldn’t be a problem. They don’t seem capable. Meanwhile more and more blogs are being abandoned.

    Over two years and still failing. It’s pathetic.


    Welllllllllll, I’m starting to see Tumblr with more affection now…

    When I have to start a post I have two options, to Publish or to schedule it, Where is the save as a draft????
    I was wondering what was going on and after read you all posts I’m thinking that if the changes are like “forever” I need other kind of platform, something that allows me to save drafts in a faster way what saves me time, I wonder how many more are discontent and say nothing, just leave and go for something else. I was close to do that but I USED to like the editor and decided that maybe worth to ask, express why I’m thinking in migrating somewhere else, etc. Our generation wants things easier, faster, not slow and sloppy.



    I think your changes have introduced some bugs. Lots of my photos are now looking stretched. I haven’t changed anything, but lots of my photos look very unprofessional now. It is independent of browser and device and sometimes seems to rectify if one refreshes the page a few times. The photos that are stretching is not consistent either, it is different pictures each time I open my page. What is going on?



    I am also using the new editor with the copy post option.

    After I import a new image, and set it as featured image, the editor wants to change it back to the previous. Then when I go back to the Media Library I have 6 copies of the image I loaded once.

    My post is correct but the twitter and facebook have the previous image.

    This has happened several times now. I want a refund because the old editor wont work either.

    (email redacted)



    The dictatorship in this forum closed the topic on the consequences of this last change in the classic editor, so we will have to bring this debate here.


    Why can not we have the classic editor as it always was? With justification ad underline?

    Why is there so much trouble in staying with the two?

    Why not keep things as they are until the classic editor is deleted?

    In the new there is the option to underline and justify… is this temporary?


    Am I the only one who’s having trouble writing on this new editor? Every time I write and a new line is created, it’s hidden behind that stupid opaque “Saved” bar the developers placed on the bottom of the writing panel. Now I have to MANUALLY scroll down to see whether or not the words I had blindly typed in were correctly spelled and if I made any sense at all.



    Wohoo! Love the new “Media library” entry under „My Sites“ :D


    Not sure if it’s a new-editor thing or a general bug, but now, when I switch to the HTML editor and back, the double new paragraphs disappear, and I have to add them back in manually.
    I was already (in the old 2016 editor) unable to insert new lines in the rich-text editor (only new paragraphs, which came out as double new lines). Now apparently when I switch to the HTML editor the double paragraphs shrink down to just two new lines as well (they used to be delimited by non-breaking spaces).

    Also, having the settings on the right is weird but I suppose it doesn’t really matter which side they’re on (as long as they’re all there, at least), and I’m pretty sure I’m missing a few useful tools (like the edit history, I think) but I don’t recall enough of the 2016 layout to be sure which ones they were, and perhaps they’re actually still there but I just didn’t find the right sub-sub-menu to use them properly.


    Please go back to the classic editor. I am having real problems writing with this new format. To begin with, there are 3 scroll bars on the right hand side which are very close together and are clunky to use with a touchpad.

    As mentioned above, I have to manually scroll down when I get to the bottom of the page as the page does not move up, so I end up typing but can’t see the words.

    I much preferred the previous incarnation. It wasn’t perfect, but at least it was workable. This new one is just awkward.



    My impression is that the site is getting progressively dumbed down.
    I’ve had to get used to going to WP Administration in order to get to many features in the old classic editor.
    Please make two editors available:
    1-Quick Blogger
    2-Full Editor (Classic Editor)
    And simply introduce a choice box that, after we choose, opens the respective editor automatically in future when we log in.
    Anyone else out there agree with me?



    It would be helpful perhaps if others reading’ that ‘preferred’ the classic editor would express their opinion here, little is ever achieved from the ‘sidelines’ so to speak…
    True this is a ‘free’ app – as such one can not help but wonder – if the general lack of communication over such an ”improvement” ‘says it all’…




    In the new editor there is the option to underline and justify… is this temporary?



    I cant see a MEDIA icon or even a heading on the left side of my blog page??



    I didn’t find the tool for draft saving. It’s a pity.


    I have tried to add some content to a page and found all the previous content has gone and I have had to add it back in again. I went about editing as I usually do but found that there was nothing on the page and it was difficult to get the editing toolbar to come up. I thought that all the previous content would still be there when I updated but to my horror it had all gone. I am managing a page my local Yacht Club and we can’t have this sort of problem not to mention my own page. Please help me sort this quickly



    I cannot seem to add a link to my post. All the help on the web seems to be geared for the old editor. I follow the directions about highlighting text and then adding the URL in the link box, etc., but the text does not become highlighted and does not take me to the link…
    I never tried it with the old editor, but it seems rather straightforward to me.

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