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New Editor Design: Feedback Thread

  1. The image editing on the post is totally broken. Cannot even click on the images to edit their properties.

  2. In the visual editor, the new "View Page" link after updating gives you a preview popup. The only way now to see the actual page after editing is to use the back arrow and then refresh.

    This was an annoying feature of Blogspot, and is why I switched to WordPress. Please fix this.

  3. Wish you would just stick with something I cannot find anything now and it is making it a real pain to use the site. Something as simple as attaching images from my uploads is like hunt and peck where it was a single click in the past. Clicking a circled + does not equate to visual recognition.

    I would wish to see improvements in feature sets like a settings page where I tell things to quit linking to the attachment page but to the media when I create galleries. Turn off share buttons as Make it so the categories section doesn't jump all over when I click one. ATM there are SOME defaults but not everything is covered. I would rather see improvements vs eyecandy and bloated script rearrangement of the same old crap.

    ATM I say BLEH as I see no improvement or additional features. Just more things moving about to slow down my workflow. If anything in the last 3 months you seem to have taken away features such as the traffic monitor in the upper left making me have to do more page loads to see that simplified information. Dashboard is all but useless now.

    KISS, Keep, It, Simple, Stupid. If anything this will cause more people problems with stuff not working due to client side scripts (creese monkey) or other sites open in other tabs.

  4. How come my site got shut down?

  5. After going through some of the post here i came to the conclusion others are hating the new change like i do. If any of the development reads this, i say you guys should definitely get the pink slip and be let go.

    Throughout my highschool years i've always sided with wordpress as a good blogging medium, but when i went to college, every professor in my program told me not to use you guys and said your system sucked.
    Well, i ignored their advice and persisted to use your site and now, you've proven them right.

    You guys suck!!

    From one year ago to now, you guys made two major changes to your layout every time it became more difficult to navigate and to use. A simple page post now becomes a hassle to do. Heck i just want to link two pages together and i have to go through a extra four clicks because of your dumb ass change.

    So i hope you guys get fired.

  6. I want to reiterate this. Someone else already said it and it's very important.
    If you prefer the Classic Editor' please tell

    I moved my Image library from Photobucket to JAlbum because the former started to make everything one button simplified for ease of cellphone use and ignored the many who used it with demands beyond uploading from phones to Facebook with a smiley face.

    I seen no reason that the two editors: Quick and Classic cannot exist together to cater for everybody with a simple one time choice of which to select. Play with Quick as much as you want WordPress developers but the Classic Editor ain't broke so don't kill or fix it!

  7. thevintagetoyadvertiser

    I've already posted before in other threads how I no longer rate WP due to their constant changes. It was a far friendlier site and much easier to use before. These days you have to jump through so many hoops to do the simplest things. WP is like getting up every day, going downstairs, and discovering your parents have moved all the furniture yet again. Please leave the classic editor alone. As has been suggested before, WP, please have two editors - classic and quick post, and give us users the option to choose.

  8. melissadawnlane

    I have tried to open the new editor and it will not open for me at all when I use Firefox (my usual browser). I tried using Bing and it worked perfectly fine. I tried to open the help/contact using Firefox and nothing is displaying except the WP logo.

  9. melissadawnlane

    I tried to open the editor and help/contact while using Safari and that worked too. Will not open when using Firefox.

  10. I`m getting the reset password loop but its ok...temp mail :)
    Am I going off topic? Oh, sorry WordPress, I couldn't recognize you!
    Just another bootstrap website. You all look the same lately.
    You even have that "lifebelt" thing ... So cute.

    Its better than this but still no color switch?

  11. problem solved

  12. How do i stop follow up notifications? I keep un ticking the box for notifications but it re-ticks itself when I close down and I keep getting notifications i don't want.

  13. thisfieldwasintentionallyleftblank

    "I tried to open the editor and help/contact while using Safari and that worked too. Will not open when using Firefox." ~ melissadawnlane

    YES, this is happening to me, too, as of today! Last Thursday (March 30, 2017), the new editor worked fine; suddenly, this morning, I, too, only get the pale blue screen with the darker blue sidebar and the WP logo. VERY frustrating.

    WP stop screwing things up. Leave them the way they were. It was freaking FINE before.

  14. I have one word for this new editor: laaaaaaaag. It's so slow I can't even see what I'm typing until it suddenly catches up. And I am NOT a fast typist.

  15. I don't know about anyone else who still uses the classic editor (the proper one not this new abomination), but tonight when I hit the "Write" button instead of redirecting to the classic editor (via a handy script) I got the new monstrosity. This meant to use the classic editor I had to go round the houses, calling up the admin dashboard then start the new post from there.

    So, please WP, why not leave the classic editor where it is for those of us who want it and not keep hiding it away?

  16. Okay, scratch my last post. It's fixed itself now. Slight glitch with my browser settings.

    Sorry for the rant! :-/

  17. The settings should be visible by default, and only disappear if you specifically dismiss it. The exception would be on smaller screens where there isn't space for it. Can you please confirm if that's what you're seeing? If it's not working as it should, please provide more detail, along with your browser and browser window size. You can get both of those via

  18. In general I like the new editor. I have found it can be a little slow to load existing posts at times. I would like to see some text formatting options like strike-through added. I can still go to the HTML view and insert the code though. The same for tables.

    Inserting media like YouTube videos or audio files seems to work very well for me.

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