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New editor - how to edit size of photo?

  1. Nope... trying to link text to a previous page and/or blog post on the site no longer works either, it just opens a window looking for a URL -- this is really not helpful at all... :-(

  2. Can't we just have a clickable link to the old editor (on the Add New Page or Add New Post pages), and then I can get on with posting stuff instead of fannying around trying to get the new editor to display things the way I want it to (and was happy with the way it worked previously)...?

  3. @mangozoid you can always get to the classic editor by adding /wp-admin/post-new.php to the end of your site address and there are no plans to discontinue that in the near future.

    You would be able to change the size of the image in the new Editor by 1) clicking the image, then clicking the - and + icons. This will cycle the image through thumbnail, medium, large, and full-sizes or 2) click the image then drag the corner to set a custom size.

    The link search will be returning in the future and I will note your request for bringing it back so we can prioritize our work properly.

  4. Adding that /wp-admin/post-new.php works well I think. There do seem to be various glitches with the new editor - hopefully they will be ironed out soon.
    Thanks for your help

  5. Thanks designsimply.

    It's very irritating to have to go to all this bother to do something that happened automatically before.

  6. The ability to link easily to other posts/pages already on the site (it was like a drop down list on old editor) is especially useful. My main gripe about the image-handling (apart from the above easy linking) is that (a) I like to put a 1-2 pixel border around images to 'clean them up', and (b) before we could click on the pen thingy and make adjustments to everything easily, including the Open in New Window textbox, Alternative Text, etc. but now it's just plain unhelpful... Sorry.

  7. flourishandknot

    @mangozoid I had to run and check about the link thingy - and you're right! It's GONE from the new editor. NOOOOOOOOOO! PLEASE, WP, listen to us and bring back the good version!

    Doesn't the number of unhappy users in this thread tell you there's more than just a little problem?

  8. @flourishandknot, you are right that missing link search for existing content is a problem! It will be added soon.

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