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    Hi, I recently changed my email address for WordPress. Under my options, the new email address I entered shows up there. I receive my comments, etc. to that new email address.

    However, when I make a post and that post goes out via email to people, if they RESPOND to that post email, the response goes to my OLD email address!

    ?? Why is this? Why would a reply be to my old email address, when I’ve updated both WordPress and Feedburner with my new email address?


    You have to change your admin email address under options > general. You also need to change it under users > my profile. That is the one that will be used when you comment while logged in.



    I had the same problem just a couple of days ago and other bloggers have recently posted the same problem too. I know how this is done and have done it many times yet the last time I tried to change my email address on the Options page I got no email with the confirmation link in it. Something is “broken” when it comes to making email address changes. In the end staff had to sort it for me. Support hours are Mondays – Fridays 8AM -4PM, Pacific time. You can use the “support” link on the top right hand corner of any admin side blog page to contact staff.
    Best wishes :)



    I see the same address in Users and Options > General.

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