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New Feature: Domains

  1. Hi. I am new to wordpress having transferred here from blogspot. (Some great features and not not as good options, widgets and external add-ons.) Anyway the features I like the most is page support..

    That's no what I am posting here. I read all the above and some of it seems contradictory..

    Or organization owns a domain We organise Youth Development Camps in Ukraine. We have setup a weblog to document our camp sessions and to hopefully also encourage our participants to log comments on the sessions they attend. language/internet skill development.

    Rather then just have links between our web site and our wordpress weblog it would be great if we could just set up a sub domain (It would be great if we could have multiple web-blogs one for each language we publish in). Exactly who do I go about creating the sub domain and linking it to our weblog? Do I have to register the subdomain or just create it.

    Sorry but I am rather new to supporting the Web domains...

    Other then that I love the site and look forward to having our camper's enjoy the camp facilities you support.


    Magic Camp

    PS. If your in Ukraine you can buy us a beer :)

    We are a not for profit non-religious non-governmental organisation

    Anyone wishing to make a donation to our camp in teh form of credist are welcome acknowledgemnets will be made

  2. Use the subdomain for teh url you want here. It's ten bucks for a year.

    On your end, within your dns, setup the subdomain as a CNAME for your url.

    If you need someone to walk your through that, please let us know.

    Hope this helps,

  3. I tried to map my already owned (where I registered with Yahoo) to the

    I paid 10 bucks, I changed the DNS name server (and show up fine in, I pressed the "put blog here" button, I have done all things.

    But now when I go to, it is still go back to the yahoo default page. Do I need to do more in setting? Or do I need to do more in yahoo setting? Could you please check for me? million thanks!

  4. suddenly it works. don't know why. I did change the CNAME, but does it necessary?

  5. Yes, I believe it's necessary. And sometimes it takes awhile to go through properly, although I don't know why. Congrats on gettingit set up.

  6. ah! It is gone again this morning! now went back to the Yahoo! default empty site page! What should I do?

  7. I'd send a feedback to staff with all the details. I'm afraid my knowledge is limited on this one, and the flipping back and forth is bizarre. And I'm not sure where Yahoo comes into it at all; shouldn't this be straight Maybe you need to talk to Yahoo?

  8. what about the A Record setting? I point the CNAME to but I didn't change the A Record. Should I change that as well? Now the A Record in the Yahoo setting is still pointing to a Yahoo Server. But I need an IP address, not a name to change the A Record, and I have no idea about what the IP address of my own wordpress site is. Perhaps that is the key.

  9. If you cannot find an answer in this thread, in the forum search box or in this thread then know that volunteers on the forum cannot help you any further with this. You will have to contact staff directly by emailing [email redacted]

  10. Hi. I am interested in registering a subdomain/domain with you. What I am interested in is can I use some of the features that wordpress offers in a standalone environment such as changes to the permalinks format, added data-fields, add plug-ins, code... etc.

  11. No that is not possible here. Purchasing domain mapping does not change anything withb regard to plugins and the features you mention whatsoever. If you want that kind of control over your template you will not get it on a hosted blog through purchasing a domain mapping upgrade. You can, however, have these features by hiring a web host and downloading software.

  12. hey i wanna now how i can put some videos form other pages like youtube in my blag plz anser me and thx

  13. Hey, that has nothing to do with domains so I don't know why you posted here. The instructions for videos are found in the FAQs.

  14. I have down loaded word press but there are some features on (Custom Image Headers and a good GUI Word proccessor to name a few. (I really want to use the FJords Theme but the one that os downloaed is not Custom Header ready and there are a few features missing - Is there a way I can down load themes?). . I really want to add some transactional code and also change the format of the permalink. Lastly I would like to create two mayb more databases and link them togther one being a backend to the other. I like the fact that mydata is being hosted by wordpress. Is there a chance that WordPress might provide a more flexable server hosting. Just changing the style sheet is not enough.

  15. crikeymedia,
    You will need to ask those questions at - we cannot help here.

  16. Cool feature, ....

  17. roadsofstone26

    Pues si, puedes poner el blog a la direccion nueva sin problema, pero antes tienes razon que un és un necesario comprar el dominio.

    Hay muchas companias que venden dominios, pero lo mas facil es quizas comprar el dominio aquí, directamente de - cuesta $10 para alquilarlo durante un ano.

    Encuentras las instrucciones necesarias y bien detalladas en las paginas FAQ.

    Otra cosa mas suave - la gente aquí prefieren que no gritas, por que consideran gritar como bastante maleducado.

    Que la transicion te pasara bien, y muy buena suerte ...

  18. deleted by author

  19. roadsofstone26

    Well, that's a bit odd.

    I just answered a question left here in Spanish, and whilst I was typing the answer, the question has disappeared completely.

    Que lastima.

  20. Que lastima = "that hurts". Weird indeed. Suffice to say that only Moderators and Staff can delete posts that are made by others.

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