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  1. the new feature has made WordPress stytish, but Sticky as well. Can't upload pic & edit comments!

  2. Or, apparently, read the forum.

  3. Raincoaster,

    Do you ever say anything useful? Instead of making bitchy and snarky remarks to community members requesting help, try showing a bit more compassion and understanding or you will fail at your audition to be a Key Master.

    Otherwise, just go away.

  4. Crappy response raincoaster!
    I have the same problem uploading pics.
    I get an I/O error before I even see the crunching screen and I do have the latest Flash installed.
    Using Firefox on Vista with a Compaq laptop - fairly standard kit.

  5. Please check out what Tellyworth posted.


  6. Aaaaaahhhh~all of my text widgets disapeared. They are there in my widgets but not on my blog-poof-they are gone.

  7. mercedesrules this is the one for you.


  8. Going there now-I hope I don't have to re-do everything. Thanks!

  9. Nope~didn't help-maybe it wall reappear later-lol.

  10. Actually most of my pics in posts disappeared too. They are there-when you click on the blank space but they aren't visible in the post.

  11. I only see one broken pic on your homepage (It's incorrectly linked). Maybe there's a caching or a connection issue on your side?

  12. Ok~going to go to IE and check it out.

  13. Thanks for response trent but I have already seen the tellyworth post. I loaded the latest flash plug-in for firefox and rebooted just in case. I am still getting I/O error and "please try later". I am sending small images with only lower case alpha characters e.g. "thisnamepicture.jpg"

  14. It is there in IE! Firefox it isn't-hhhhmmmmm.

  15. Try flushing your cache and cookies.

  16. I think I did that (little harder to figure out since I am used to IE). It still shows up in IE but not Firefox.

  17. I think I did that (little harder to figure out since I am used to IE). It still shows up in IE but not Firefox.

  18. didn't mean to double post

  19. I'm using a Firefox based browser and see no problems with your page.

  20. Really? Cool! I don't know what is wrong on my end.

  21. I have it fixed~so easy! Just click on an image and uncheck block images from...Whew!

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