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New feature - Omnisearch

  1. It seems there has been added a new feature to the Dashboard called Omnisearch. Am I missing the announcement/support page or is it brand new?

    By all means it's a massive improvement in terms of searching your onw blog, if you ask me.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I didn't notice that new feature either. It's very cool.


  3. @ifmomsaysok
    Note that we are not allowed to post signature links to our blogs when posting into technical support forum threads. Moderators have to waste their time removing self promotional links so please do not post them.

  4. @timethief

    Sorry, I thought I was supposed to always add a link to my site when commenting in the forum. I didn't know.

  5. Hi again,
    You are new and did not know that the self serving signature link dropping convention found on make money blogging forums is definitely not found here at On those forums meaningless chatty comments are posted simply as a means of spamming one's self serving signature links across the forums.

    In contrast to those places and spaces these are technical support forums only. Here we post only when we have technical issues that need resolving ot when we have a resolution for another bloggers technical issue(s). Chat and discussion threads are not allowed. We promote our blogs in social networks and that's where we chat, not here on these technical support forums.

  6. We'll cover it soon. For now you can read more about Omnisearch at .

    Thank you.

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