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    Just wanted to make a new entry to my blog and the entry page is completely different – and there is no way to add photographs. What happened? I was happy with the old entry-page. How must I do to make entries containing text and photos?
    Thank you
    Arturo – artjardines:verdemaravilloso

    The blog I need help with is



    The original place to create a post with full features to upload images, etc is here Dashboard > Posts > Add New and it works well for me.

    In fact I never ever use the Add New at which is undergoing changes as part of an ongoing project to make the site multi-device friendly.

    Go to Dashboard > Post > Add New

    For inserting images see

    Note that you can post your feedback re: the new dash changes here



    Sorry, this does not help. Perhaps it’s because of my bad english, I apologize.
    I never entered through dashboard – allways through new entry. But its all the same – there appears some beep beep boop, I have to wait a lot of time and then I get a two-field window for title and text. Only an option for media beneeth it, just for an entry as ‘gallery’. Which I do not want.
    The only way to get my new entry done was making first a gallery, then editing it (= delete and upload again) and changing all to normal photographs-entry. Do and undo and do again! (I have added images since I have begun the blog – I know how to take a photo from my pc to the blog: My question was not how to insert an image.)
    Please, why should I enter in an other users problem thread? He didn’t get help – and it doesn’t solve my problem neither.
    My question is simple: Where do I find the old ‘new entry’ button, where I have all options? It must be there somwhere, because when I go editing, the ‘old’ page opens with all options – tye of entry, type of image, etc.

    Thank you for your time. Please consider that I do not ask to waist someones time, but to get a helping answer. I try to be polite, if my poor english sounds harsh, I truly apologize.



    You are talking about two different things.

    You need to be at where you can add images individually, wherever you like.



    Right, but the way to get there has changed. I have found it after a while, it takes more ‘cliks’ and the new path takes very long to upload (to open).

    Thanks anyway!

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