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New food blog - I'd love some feedback.

  1. nancysjacobson

    Hi Everyone!
    I created my food blog this summer and would love to get some feedback from fellow users. Any insight is appreciated. I'm specifically interested in hearing whether I'm taking advantage of all the tools available to me... using Facebook properly, etc. As I'm sure we all are looking to increase traffic on our sites, I'd love to hear tips on how you are expanding your user base. Has anyone looked to migrate to Do you think this is worthwhile?
    Looking forward to some feedback. Many thanks for the help.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. plasticdaffodils

    You look like you're off to a good start! One of the most important things for food/cooking blogs is pictures. You have a lot of other competition with other food blogs, but post consistently and try to find other food blogs to maybe collaborate with and hopefully you'll see growth if you stick with it.

    As for moving to, it depends on if you need to use what it offers (I recommend checking out Time Thief's blog on the difference between and .com if you don't already know).

    Good luck!

  3. nancysjacobson

    Thank you for the feedback. I definintely agree about the photography. I think a new lens purchase is needed and will help to make the photos even better. I'll check out the link you provided as well. Since I'm happy so far with my blog layout and options available to me, other than being able to advertise - I'm not sure if moving to .org is necessary. I thought this was the biggest benefit... I will take a look at the article above.

    Thanks again for your time!

  4. littlemisslocal

    Hi everyone! Just found this forum and I think it's great! I'd love some feedback as well- I just started 3 months ago and I'm addicted to blogging. Any tips on how to make this into something better would be greatly appreciated!!!

    @4plates2tables I love your your column set up!

    @plasticdaffodils I'm looking at the site you recommended now :)

  5. I am also trying to start a food/life document blog, which is how I stumbled upon this. I think yours looks great, I just subscribed!

    The advice about the camera is very true thought, that is one of my main constraints at this point. What type of camera do you use now?

    Best of luck!

  6. Thank you for the positive feedback! I'm glad you subscribed. I've found that building traffic has been the biggest challenge. I'm using facebook, but not Twitter. I don't Tweet : ) I guess that will have to come soon.

    Right now I'm using a Canon Rebel Digital SLR camera. It's working fine, but I am looking to purchase a new lens that allows for closer pics and better detail. David Lebovitz has a great blog and he provides information on his camera equipment. I think I will be looking to follow his advice on my next lens purchase. Here's a link to his camera info:

    Thanks so much! I'm just using a template that wordpress provides. It's called Under the Influence. It was fairly easy to set-up. Most of the questions I had I found answers for on the wordpress support site. Also they are very quick getting back to you if you email a question to support. Your off to a good start. You should build some tabs at the top so you can start creating categories of info for your site. I made an outline on paper of what I wanted my site to include and then built it using the outline as a guide. It worked for me. Having a plan also helped me to choose a template that made sense to what I wanted 4plates2table to look like too. Hope this helps and thanks for taking a look at my site.

    One last thing - I think subscribers get confused that when they click subscribe on the blog - they have to then go into their email to confirm the email from wordpress. Just thought I'd mention it. Not sure if anyone else is seeing a similar problem... though I would hope people would understand what to do when they open the email.


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