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New Format for Reader/Wordpress Website

  1. It looks like not only the new reader, but the hideous new admin bar is here to stay. I used to absolutely love WordPress, but now my feelings are definitely lukewarm.

  2. What about the images? How do we show multiple images in reader.

  3. marciastrykowski

    I'm very disappointed that I'm no longer able to change the size and color of the type in my posts. I hope it is reinstated soon!

  4. There are still major problems with the new reader.
    1. Portrait images are shrunk to thumbnails regardless of their quality, images from slideshows not shown at all.
    2. A post shown "starts" randomly either with a list of tags (???) or with the image. Btw, yes, if our eye can take it all in in one glance the "newspaper format" = "image with title below" makes sense. In a scroll page it is plain nonsense. So please put the title and blog-name back on top.

  5. Last week we started to roll out some visual changes to and the Reader. We’ve been working hard on improvements in two key areas; making an amazing responsive experience on your mobile device and making sure we’re doing the best job highlighting all of the beautiful photos and videos you’re posting. A New Responsive Design for

  6. marciastrykowski

    My problem is solved. I didn't realize I now have to open the 'kitchen sink' each time I post in order to see all options on the toolbar. So now I can make my fonts in different sizes and colors again. Yay WordPress!

  7. @marciastrykowski
    The kitchen sink icon in the Visual editor is NOT what this thread is about at all. This thread is about the changes to this page!/read/following/

  8. @socialeyesnyc is what you are looking for, I believe.

    @Staff, thanks for bringing back the footer links on at least some of the tabs. The addition of a link in the Admin bar to only my primary site is a help, even if it isn't a big help.

  9. Many thanks @justjennifer for forwarding the info!

  10. The user of the reader becomes no information, how many pictures are in a post. Perhaps it is possible to count the pictures and give the information like "658 more words, 104 more pictures, 15 comments and 10 likes"?

  11. socialeyesnyc - this offer may be what you're looking for.

  12. I just wanted to let everyone know that the developers here at have been closely reading this thread since it began, and have already put in place many Reader tweaks based on your feedback. Not all changes will be made, but each one has been carefully discussed and considered. We truly appreciate the time everyone has taken to put forward their thoughts about the new Reader format and thank you for your continued patience as the Reader continues to be fine-tuned.

  13. leannewhatever

    I opened up the reader on my phone yesterday and on there you get to see how many images a post has, the photos aren't cropped.
    I sat in front of my computer and compared the differences. The reader on the phone app is what you all wanted, but I want be looking at it there. I don't get enough internet download time here in Australia to be able to do that. Not all countries are the same as the US, and I have found that WP don't always seem to realise that.

  14. leannewhatever, when I look at reader on my phone I only see the followed blogs in the old format with all the pictures. For the tags that I follow (ie everything else in reader) I get no photos at all. Interesting.

  15. leannewhatever

    katwilson, I have to admit it seems to be a bit hit and miss with it. I got on it this morning and there were no photos on it at all, but yesterday there were. I thought it might have just been just me, and our crap internet coverage, but it sounds like it isn't. Who knows what is going on.

  16. @kathrynwp-if the whole point was to make the Reader/Stats/etc. responsive width so that it would look good/work on all devices, I'm sorry to say that accessing it on my Android smartphone was nothing less than painful. I'll stick to using the WP app for Android, thanks.

  17. I am all for changes and improvements but considering the number of sloppy errors it seems to me that WP don't check anything properly before making them. There are still huge inconsistencies on the pages. Some have the old much loved black tool bar some have the hideous new blue one. Some links still don't work properly and redirect to the wrong page. There is no simple way to get to 'new post' if you don't want to use 'quick post'. Drop down menus don't work properly. Press stats from the dashboard and you still get the old stats page that was replaced with the updated version over a year ago.

  18. thedixieflatline666

    Well, I'm certainly glad for mobile users, that they, apparently, have a reader designed for their ease of use. Sat here at my PC, however, I'm still faced with huge pictures which are merely incidental to any mostly text-based post—that is, the majority of posts on the platform—and childishly large fonts and icons. This along with a navigation bar which is now formatted, for no apparent good reason, completely differently from that which appears above every other part of Word Press, and has completely different controls.

    Colour me unimpressed.

  19. My suggestion is simple.
    Instead of making sudden changes WP should advise its users of impending changes and the reason behind them - is that too difficult?

  20. @apetcher
    Yes IMHO consulting 50 million would not be feasible.

    Settings that aside I don't have time to read pages of threads to isolate which changes you are expecting at this time. Have you listed them? If so please post a link. If not perhaps listing them here would be a good idea as then Staff will be aware of what your specific suggestions are.

  21. leannewhatever

    There's that tone again.

  22. I am simply suggesting that a sort of press release would be useful. If users knew what WP was doing and why it would be helpful.

  23. I can't believe how rude that response is!
    I have reported errors and bad links and made comments about the changes.
    I would have expected a polite response!

  24. We are going to close this thread since it has gotten rather unwieldy, at nearly 300 posts. Thank you to everyone who contributed.

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