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New Format for Reader/Wordpress Website

  1. @rakmilphotography
    We pay for specific upgrades and provides the upgrades we contract for - nothing more and nothing less.

    Purchasing upgrades as I have done for my blogs does not give me any special status. Though some bloggers posting here, primarily Americans I may add do presume otherwise almost every day here on the forums - it just ain't so.

  2. So agree. I have asked if I could pay for certain upgrades but no response from the staff. It's not a good business model.

    The WP staff could make simple announcements on their news blog. Something like hey folks, just FYI we are making some changes. One sentence. I find that's all people ask for and they're happy and it would only take the staff a few seconds to post it.

  3. rakmilphotography

    Sorry I disagree. Nobody gives away something for free. WordPress gets its revenue from those of us who pay for "upgrades". They have made a significant change that impacts visual artists who wish to engage in a social network. I look forward to hearing from WordPress. Based on that I will decide what to do. Frankly speaking in the year I have been with WordPress it has been great. I could not have asked for anything better. I would like to stay.

  4. In reference to free hosted blogs and not to VIP blogs, derives the lion's share of their income from advertising on blogs. I am thinking there are perhaps millions of unused blogs or at the very least hundreds of thousands of them.

  5. rakmilphotography

    Lets see what says or does. Lets see if we are stuck with one photo, none or an option. If wordpress chooses words over graphics that is their choice.

  6. "Free" vs "Upgraded" / matter. Why was the format changed? I just posted using the "new" format. A royal pain. Inserting the photos was way too much work and they didn't format/insert where they were supposed to be. My days here may have an end in sight, sadly.........

  7. Is anyone else experiencing repeated glitches with this new format as well? It seems like every time I go to a different page, or go back to my reader, things are different: the new blue toolbar is there but the old one isn't, or they're BOTH there; sometimes friends' posts have user icons with them, sometimes they don't; some posts have a small blurb of the text while others have nothing but the title.

  8. stopalongtheway

    I haven't complained about any of the other changes that have occurred since I started with WP 2 years ago. I've never commented in a forum either. That's why this comment is significant. THE READER CHANGE IS TERRIBLE!

  9. @onlyfragments
    I believe, though I could be wrong, that the indications are that Staff are working on the Reader, hence, the changes you are reporting are happening as it's a work in progress.

  10. rakmilphotography

    This is good news. Thank you for this information.

  11. I'll reserve judgement on the new reader as it may still be being 'fixed when it ain't broken' with... but when I click on a topic, I can't find any way to block a poster or report a blog, that function seems to have been removed... which is a shame as now for one of my topics all I see is endless advertising blogs being repeated over and over.

    I know it's not much for the upgrade pack per year that I pay... but at this rate my money seems to be going down the drain.

  12. @simonpbarlow

    I can't find any way to block a poster or report a blog, , that function seems to have been removed..

    You can re[port any spam blog. See here >

    We cannot block or delete any subscriber to a public blog.

  13. Hi timethief

    What I meant was I used to be able to block a poster from my reader...

    The reporting thing I'm not too bothered about, but others might be.

  14. The Reader displays posts only from the blogs you choose to subscribe to. Here are brief instructions for unsubscribing:
    1. click the "unsubscribe" link on the emails of the posts received at the very bottom of the emails.
    2. go here >!/read/edit/ locate and click the "x" next to any blog there to unfollow it and no longer receive posts in the Reader or by email.
    3. go to the blog in question and click the unfollow/follow link on your Admin bar.

  15. Bright orange notifications bubble on mid-blue admin bar. I clicked the orange bubble which stayed orange and it showed me notifications I'd already clicked on and dealt with before. Grrr...

    I've only just seen the new Reader. I quite like it apart from not being able to easily see who has posted and I still HATE (yep, I'm yelling) the Reblog and Like links on each thing, but I've hated those since they first put them there. I'd rather someone came to my blog to read the post before they decide to like or reblog something they've only partly seen. (There is now a proliferation of blogs in which there is only reblogs of other people's material, they drive me bananas. Some of my stuff has gone into them, too).

    I don't mind that the multiple thumbnails have gone. I didn't like that. But the images are way too large on the Reader. WordPress, do you REALLY want to alienate your bloggers? Well, maybe you do. Why the heck should you care.

    Now I shall go and explore the rest of this...

  16. PS, please don't turn the grey/black admin bar blue too. It really, really hurts my eyes.

  17. Hi timethief

    Yep, know all that.

    In reader, if I have a topic selected, all the posts with that topic are displayed. Unfortunately, a lot are reblog's or ad-blogs just using that topic. In the old reader, I had the option to block the poster from my reader by clicking on a little grey icon that gave me a drop down box that I could select block, report.... etc etc

    That's what I am missing.

  18. I was just discussing this, absurdoldbird. A spammer reblogged an original photo of mine without permission. I like the original Dashboard so much, I hope they give us an option to put that in the heading!

  19. Oh, simonpbarlow i didn't know I could block from the Reader. If they bring it back could you tell how you did it?

  20. @simonpbarlow
    Thanks so much for hanging in and clarifying - "lightbulb moment". That's an important feature.

  21. ameliespp, one thing you'll learn if you've been blogging as long as I have (since 2004 though not all here on - your stuff will be posted all over the bloody net without your permission and the only way to stop that is either not to post it online at all or to have a private blog and just invite people you know and trust to read it. Which kinda defeats the purpose, but there y'go. And with the Reblog button, it just encourages what the lazy person wouldn't bother doing in the first place. :(

  22. @timethief
    I was looking for the little icon.... I think it was like an open top box with a 'v' in it.

  23. @absurdoldbird
    I don't allow my blood pressure to spike even when it's yet again another do not need, do not want situation . When all is said and done I figure that one can unsubscribe from all blogs in this Reader and subscribe to them agin using the feedreader of their choice.

  24. @simonpbarlow
    I can't say I know what you mean because I never used it. However, if something you used is now gone and you want it back then I suppose this is the place to say so.

  25. @timethief and @simonpbarlow - as these things keep appearing anew, could it be that some of the features you/we are missing will be coming back and we're just not giving it enough time? After all the wp folks do tend to do stuff a bit at a time rather than planning it out then doing it all in one go. Just a thought...

    @timethief - my bloodpressure is high from something else before I came here, lol! ;)

  26. @absurdoldbird

    I was looking at a topic and a few of the old ad-blogs appeared again, ones I knew I'd blocked previously... I was looking for the little icon to re-block them and couldn't find it and ended up just checking the forum to see if it was me or others had noticed. I don't follow blogs, just the occasional topic that I post under.

    I'll wait to see what transpires in a few days. :)

  27. @absurdoldbird

    ... could it be that some of the features you/we are missing will be coming back and we're just not giving it enough time?

    Yes, that could be the case.

    P.S. My blood is not a medical concern that I have. In fact it's in the low normal range whenever it's tested. I was more or less referring to my temper. ;)

  28. I totally get anyone can right click and save a photo, but to have a WordPress approved theft of an entire post and all the photos with one click of a button is really wrong.

  29. here's that missing word ... pressure ... as in blood pressure ... lol :D

  30. @ameliespp - if it's a whole post, that's not a reblog.

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