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New Format for Reader/Wordpress Website

  1. @ameliespp - here's what to do if it's a whole post:

  2. Hm, it was a brief post so 80% of it is ther plus the photo, but you're right, it's not every word.

  3. @absurdoldbird
    There another thread for reblogging and now the two issues are getting mixed >

  4. Thanks!

  5. Sorry TT. I've just come to the forum for the first time in quite a while to voice some thoughts on the changes and I didn't see the other thread, otherwise I'd have give a link to it. Thanks for doing that in my stead. :)

  6. @absurdoldbird
    Hey there .. we are always cool and I hope you know that. Both threads were posted by ameliespp and it was she who brought up the reblogging issue in this thread. I was attempting to gently and politely separate the two issues that were being mixed here in this thread.

  7. Yes, I do know that, TT. :) (My brain is a little... er... in UK night-time mode. I shall remove myself from here shortly!)

  8. It seems to us that as WordPress is a multimedia publishing format (text, photo, photos, photo(s) and text, video, video and text) etc., in the reader there ought to be a way to tell whether the post contains just the one photo or several photos, a photo and text, or just a photo, a few words of text or a longer article, and so on and so forth... just as the reader used to do. Our traffic went down significantly coinciding with this change. Could be coincidence... or not. In our own use of the reader, it's worthless (yes, really, a waste of time) to aimlessly click on posts not knowing whether there is a full article, a single photo, etc. Thanks for thinking about this.

  9. strawberryindigo

    The reader has gone from bad to worse. I can see why they cut out the forums so we bloggers couldn't get togther and compare notes. I keep losing people in the reader and they lose me. Now the reader has changed yet again and all I do is scroll and scroll over the same posts over and over again.
    I realise this is free but we the free users have ads we cannot control. I like changes but this is too much, everytime there is a change many of us lose people. The bugs are overrunning us and the nuts have taken over the nuthouse...
    This is so ironic! We bloggers are losing our voice!
    I get no help. I am ignored. I know I'm not the only one. The only people who help are volunteers and are doing it out of kindness but they are powerless too.
    This is frustrating! I have been patient. I am not a complainer but this is getting out of hand.
    So what am I to do? Complain to empty-nothingness and be ignored...Maybe I should write a special post to Matt M.???

  10. @strawberryindigo
    Good evening and I don't mean in a rubbing salt into the wound way.

  11. strawberryindigo

    Hey TiTi: I am a mild mannered person. You are helpful. I have no qualms with you. Don't worry about salt.... Just frustrated but I see I am not the only one...

  12. It seems as though someone at WP is determined to make these awful changes. Last time they reverted back to the old format - let's hope they see sense and do so again. It is now like a child's version with huge fonts and silly graphics - please reconsider!

  13. @strawberryindigo
    Nah ... you aren't alone my friend, but please don't get your hopes up as no matter how many vent here Staff can always refer to the "silent majority" (oxymoron) and state millions of others haven't complained at all.

  14. strawberryindigo

    @TiTi: Thanks for your response. I see you are very busy tonight and I really appreciate all that you do. I hope the WP people do... Try to have a good night. I will go have some chocolate and write a bit. Thanks for being there my friend! :)

  15. The stats page is terrible. What happened to the useful comments drop down box. Now it loads a new page which cannot be backed out of - really awful!

  16. What bothers me most is the blue toolbar at the top of the reader. It is useless. With the old black toolbar I could reach my blog, my dashboard, and my stats. Now I cannot do that, and have to click on "My Blogs," then click on my blog whereupon the useful old black toolbar appears. I do not mind the other changes to the reader that much. I do not like the larger pictures and larger fonts, but they do not bother me near as much as the toolbar change.

  17. coffeeaddictgreta

    Some of the new posts just doesn't appear on my Reader! I have to search the blog to see if there's something new from the blogger :(

  18. Hurrah - the useful comments drop-down box is suddenly back! - What are they doing?

  19. rakmilphotography

    I am subscribed to several photography topics. On IOS apps the photos do not even appear until you go to the website, before you had a preview. On the full sized website version of wordpress, you get huge text, maybe a huge photo and no indication of what is going on until you visit the website. Makes surfing reader in the photography topics very slow and tedious, if not pointless.
    In short we the change yesterday has resulted in less rather than more functionality.

  20. So it is not just me... I adore WP but this is horrible for people like me that mostly view photography sites. I am new (started Sept 2012) but this is the first time I have been frustrated enough to comment on a forum. Everything worked so well together before. I didn't even have to think about it. Now using the reader I get frustrated after a few minutes - it is ugly, glitchy and hard to use. I beg of the 'decision makers' PLEASE CHANGE IT BACK!!!

  21. I feel I also have to add my voice to these complaints. When I logged in yesterday, I also noticed these counter-intuitive changes that have been made again. I first noticed these a few weeks ago, but was very happy that WP decided to change them back.

    Here are my main issues:
    - the blue toolbar at the top is useless and I can no longer access the drop-down menu that allows me to choose which blog I want to access as possible from the gray toolbar I see when I'm in my dashboard. Now, the only options available are "settings", "find friends", "help", and "sign out"

    - to reach my dashboard, I first have to go into My Blogs and then click on the blog I want to access, which means unnecessary clicks

    - the format of Freshly Pressed is now in a large-formatted reader style, which is not reader-friendly because I now have to scroll to see all of the featured posts. Honestly, I'm less likely to view FP now because I find too much scrolling annoying, which there really won't be any point to doing it anymore. Please switch back to the previous layout.

    - the reader for the blogs I follow has also been changed to a larger format, which makes going through the blogs I follow unpleasant as I don't have as much of an overview, and again more scrolling is involved.

    I realize I may have repeated other complaints, and I'm hoping that this will make WP realize how important the layout is to all of us bloggers. In all honesty, if the layout is left like this, I won't be blogging as often or logging in to WP and might even consider switching blog hosts (something I really don't want to do).

  22. I have an awful, awful feeling that this is all heading inexorably towards WP quietly dropping the old dashboard altogether...

    Most of the changes I could live with, but if the new, streamlined "New Post" screen (!/post/) replaces the old-style post screen ( all the necessary bits (categories, category list, extract box, publish date, publicise), I'll physically not be able to keep going with the blog :(

    ...could anyone reassure me this is NOT going to happen...?

  23. Awful, awful changes. Let's hope it goes back to what we all know and love about WordPress - beautifully streamlined posts, pages, readers and Freshly Pressed. I agree with everyone's comments above and needn't say more.

    I will however export all of my data and move to another host if things continue as is.

    Jennifer Avventura

  24. callumlangstroth

    I put this in another thread but people told me to put it in here to add to the growing list of complaints with the new wordpress.

    So here we go:

    Since the new changes to the site came into effect I have been having trouble with my posts in the Reader.

    Before the update every post I made had the main image as the focus then the first couple of lines of text automatically generated to help entice readers to click and read the whole thing. It was great and I loved the simplicity of it.

    Since the update this no longer happens my posts appear in the Reader view as a single image.

    If you scroll down you can see older posts that have the first few lines of text on them while the newer ones don't:
    My blog in the reader!/read/blog/id/41712356/

    Do I need to add something extra to my posts or change a newly added setting?

    Thanks in advance for the help!

    Additional bit:

    GOOD GOD! Now it is cropping the images for the posts into a horrible rectangle!

  25. callumlangstroth

    Another addition:

    It now also seems to be slowly applying itself to older posts!

  26. rakmilphotography

    I was subscribed to this thread I started, but have mysteriously been unsubscribed.

  27. Why are the post titles now at the bottom of a post in the Reader? When scrolling it becomes impossible for the eyes to register what post belongs to whom. There is no logic there because titles should always be at the top, it looks messy, and wrong. I add images in my posts and the images no longer show in the Reader, which makes it pointless for me to post in the Photography Topic. In fact it's pointless blogging on WordPress at all these days. This new update is the worst ever!! Sack the people who created it, or at least send them back to school. And make them take that damn ugly blue colour with them!!

  28. Maybe they should have a poll option before making changes like this. One user posted that of the millions of users, few probably post complaints here. Maybe some people just feel that WP won't care so it's not worth the hassle. I understand money makes the world go 'round, but just because basic WP is free, doesn't mean they shouldn't care how their users feel. Plus, any users who bring traffic to wordpress are helping publicize WP, so indirectly, if someone new decides to use WP on our recommendation or after reading our blog, and then buys an upgrade, we have still made WP money.
    I find the new reader set up really frustrating, trying to find things that used to be one click away, and now I feel like I have to hunt around, or worse, just click my own bookmark to bring me back to where I want to go.

  29. You can no longer report spam blogs or block them from the Reader. Who's bright idea was it to remove that function? So the Reader will become filled with masses of spam and annoying blogs, and not much else. Not much point in the Reader is there? No-one wanted it when it was introduced anyway as I recall.

  30. One blogger on another forum claims that users are guinea pigs for the changes they plan to make to That would explain some of this; personally I've considered another home to my blog if they can't even be bothered to tell us much less ask us about sweeping changes that affect our connections and our online community. I'm open to suggestions.

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