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    I feel I also have to add my voice to these complaints. When I logged in yesterday, I also noticed these counter-intuitive changes that have been made again. I first noticed these a few weeks ago, but was very happy that WP decided to change them back.

    Here are my main issues:
    – the blue toolbar at the top is useless and I can no longer access the drop-down menu that allows me to choose which blog I want to access as possible from the gray toolbar I see when I’m in my dashboard. Now, the only options available are “settings”, “find friends”, “help”, and “sign out”

    – to reach my dashboard, I first have to go into My Blogs and then click on the blog I want to access, which means unnecessary clicks

    – the format of Freshly Pressed is now in a large-formatted reader style, which is not reader-friendly because I now have to scroll to see all of the featured posts. Honestly, I’m less likely to view FP now because I find too much scrolling annoying, which there really won’t be any point to doing it anymore. Please switch back to the previous layout.

    – the reader for the blogs I follow has also been changed to a larger format, which makes going through the blogs I follow unpleasant as I don’t have as much of an overview, and again more scrolling is involved.

    I realize I may have repeated other complaints, and I’m hoping that this will make WP realize how important the layout is to all of us bloggers. In all honesty, if the layout is left like this, I won’t be blogging as often or logging in to WP and might even consider switching blog hosts (something I really don’t want to do).



    I have an awful, awful feeling that this is all heading inexorably towards WP quietly dropping the old dashboard altogether…

    Most of the changes I could live with, but if the new, streamlined “New Post” screen (!/post/) replaces the old-style post screen ( all the necessary bits (categories, category list, extract box, publish date, publicise), I’ll physically not be able to keep going with the blog :(

    …could anyone reassure me this is NOT going to happen…?


    Awful, awful changes. Let’s hope it goes back to what we all know and love about WordPress – beautifully streamlined posts, pages, readers and Freshly Pressed. I agree with everyone’s comments above and needn’t say more.

    I will however export all of my data and move to another host if things continue as is.

    Jennifer Avventura


    I put this in another thread but people told me to put it in here to add to the growing list of complaints with the new wordpress.

    So here we go:

    Since the new changes to the site came into effect I have been having trouble with my posts in the Reader.

    Before the update every post I made had the main image as the focus then the first couple of lines of text automatically generated to help entice readers to click and read the whole thing. It was great and I loved the simplicity of it.

    Since the update this no longer happens my posts appear in the Reader view as a single image.

    If you scroll down you can see older posts that have the first few lines of text on them while the newer ones don’t:
    My blog in the reader!/read/blog/id/41712356/

    Do I need to add something extra to my posts or change a newly added setting?

    Thanks in advance for the help!

    Additional bit:

    GOOD GOD! Now it is cropping the images for the posts into a horrible rectangle!


    Another addition:

    It now also seems to be slowly applying itself to older posts!


    I was subscribed to this thread I started, but have mysteriously been unsubscribed.



    Why are the post titles now at the bottom of a post in the Reader? When scrolling it becomes impossible for the eyes to register what post belongs to whom. There is no logic there because titles should always be at the top, it looks messy, and wrong. I add images in my posts and the images no longer show in the Reader, which makes it pointless for me to post in the Photography Topic. In fact it’s pointless blogging on WordPress at all these days. This new update is the worst ever!! Sack the people who created it, or at least send them back to school. And make them take that damn ugly blue colour with them!!


    Maybe they should have a poll option before making changes like this. One user posted that of the millions of users, few probably post complaints here. Maybe some people just feel that WP won’t care so it’s not worth the hassle. I understand money makes the world go ’round, but just because basic WP is free, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t care how their users feel. Plus, any users who bring traffic to wordpress are helping publicize WP, so indirectly, if someone new decides to use WP on our recommendation or after reading our blog, and then buys an upgrade, we have still made WP money.
    I find the new reader set up really frustrating, trying to find things that used to be one click away, and now I feel like I have to hunt around, or worse, just click my own bookmark to bring me back to where I want to go.



    You can no longer report spam blogs or block them from the Reader. Who’s bright idea was it to remove that function? So the Reader will become filled with masses of spam and annoying blogs, and not much else. Not much point in the Reader is there? No-one wanted it when it was introduced anyway as I recall.



    One blogger on another forum claims that users are guinea pigs for the changes they plan to make to That would explain some of this; personally I’ve considered another home to my blog if they can’t even be bothered to tell us much less ask us about sweeping changes that affect our connections and our online community. I’m open to suggestions.


    I was enjoying the new reader, but I am finding it really confusing. It is hard to work out where one finishes and the next starts. I hadn’t realised, but I do now that they were only showing one image and no text. I will have to watch out how my posts are displayed, as a visual artist my blog is all about the visual.

    I do sometimes wonder if WordPress has got too big and the guy who started it has let it go to his hear. The reality is most people won’t complain because they will let others do it for them, it happens everywhere. People will sit back and hope that things change. WordPress need to be careful, look what happened to instagram when an unhappy change was made.

    I have stuck with wordpress for the community, I enjoy that, but I will admit I have started looking elsewhere for other blog platforms. One that gives me more control.

    As to WordPress, they make so much money from us. They allow advertising on our blogs, there are the upgrades, which don’t really do anything much anyway. They have so much control over what you can do to your blog, then they can screw us over, and we just have to put up with it.



    I’ll add my voice to the complaints about recent changes to the Reader, for what it’s worth. The new format provides less information and doesn’t accurately represent what’s being posted. Mind you, I might spend a bit less time looking at other people’s blogs now and a bit more time working. Is that what you want, WordPress? Is it?

    I also miss being able to report and/or block blogs from the Reader — that was a great feature while it lasted.

    And I like the idea of having viewing options on the Reader, such as being able to choose whether you see the images or not. For what it’s worth.



    The new reader is horrible!!! Please return to the old, useful style where one could:
    Actually see a full image and not an odd cropping.
    See a few lines of text.
    See the word count of posts text.
    See the number of likes and comments.
    Report spam or block a blog from one’s reader.
    And where the title of the post appeared at the top – not below the image.

    And another troublesome issue that developed before the “enhancements” and persists is the reader not loading or loading only a few blogs and looping them. Awful.

    Oh wordpress, you’ve been so wonderful. What happened?


    On IOS Blogs I Follow has the old format, while all other topics show no media whatsoever. Odd.



    Okay, I would like to add my complaints as well. Why is it on the stats page that the bar at the top is blue but on other WordPress sites, it’s black? And why, oh why, did they take out the feature that drops down and lets you see all the blogs you are an author on? Now I have to go to the dashboard itself to find my handy black bar whereas before I could just drop the menu down, click and guest post! Or I have to go to the my blogs tab and do the same thing. Why can’t they just keep the task bar like it was?

    The reader is hideous now. Why is all the important stuff on the right side of the screen now and why is it when you click on some titles it directs you to only that blog on the reader? Then you have to make a completely unnecessary click to get to the post you wanted to go to in the first place. The pictures are either too big or nonexistent and sometimes the titles of posts don’t even show up. Don’t even get me started on the font either.

    Seriously WordPress, what’s going on?


    I’m not that happy with the changes WordPress has made. The navigation is a little weird and uncomfortable. But I’m sure in time I’ll get use to that. Though the photos in the reader are way too large now. Most pictures I can’t see all at once. I have to do the whole scroll up and down quickly thing to trick myself into thinking I saw every part at once. And I know it’s not been changed that long, but it seems like it’s making it too easy to just look at one post and scroll on. It’s lowering the blogger interaction. And perhaps the way site views and visitors were before they were just being tallied oddly and maybe now is the more accurate way. But it seems more like people aren’t checking out the full blog. Causing views to go down, even though the same number of people seem to be liking things, they don’t seem to be looking around more. It really feels more like a Facebook interface of scroll and like move on. Which is not good for bloggers, we want you to stick around and see everything we have to offer. Not just the tip of one piece. It really seems less blogger friendly right now



    I posted in a new thread before being pointed to this one.

    I can live with some of the recent changes, but my main complaint is the absence of the grey admin bar on some pages. That’s my way of going to dashboard. If I’m in stats, freshly pressed, or settings, I have to go somewhere else before I can get into dashboard.

    Whose idea was this?


    I am very unhappy with the new format of the Reader. It’s inefficient in design and brings no improvements (as far as I can see). A few of my main complaints: as it is now set up, it makes it harder to navigate and discourages me from actually visiting the blogs I follow. The interface is counterintuitive. I can’t see what’s happening on my own blog, as I could before. I also can’t access the dashboard from the reader, either. Please consider returning to the previous format. It was working just fine before. Redesign just for the sake of redesign is really not the way to go here.


    The new Reader!!!!!!!!!!!!! I haven’t been able to load Reader since around October 2012. I logged onto Firefox simply to open Reader, and as of December 2012, Firefox could no longer open Reader, and started kicking me out.

    I even went to the local library (assuming something was wrong with my computer), and the library’s computer system had a problem loading Reader, as well! Although, Reader finally loaded on the library’s computer, it was slow, and a mess!

    What gives?


    Fix it or I am outta here!

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