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    Why can’t we access our dashboard from the new blog main page? When I go to, logged in, the first tab is a Reader tab. So…the main reason we are all paying a subscription fee to WP is because we want to read other blogs?! Come on. Also, I can’t get to my own dashboard from that page (used to be able to hover over my name). Now I have to go through two steps just to create a new post. And, no, I don’t count that fat, oversized cartoon pencil as a genuine route to starting a post. It doesn’t give you access to the full dashboard. Please don’t try to be Tumblr. We count on WP being the anti-Tumblr. The other weird thing is that when I try to write a new post, there is a huge border of white space around my text. It used to just fill out to the edges of the text box as you wrote. I tried it on two different browsers with the same result. It’s disorienting.


    Holy smoke, who knew that such tiny design problems could cause such a huge amount of cumulative irritation in such a short period of time??

    The new layout is unnecessarily cumbersome:

    – no one-click access to the dashboard
    – the “new post” page forces me to choose a template when I don’t care to use them
    – the “kitchen sink” toolbar is gone (in the default “new post” editor) so if I choose at “text” type post and once I’m logged in, I can insert a photo but not a video
    – “” redirects to the infuriating start page, so there isn’t even a way to navigate from my blog to the forums to complain about how annoying it is not to be able to navigate from my blog to the forum!

    I had to leave WordPress and go to Google just to find WordPress’s forums. Seriously, folks, from a company whose visual and user-interface design has always been top-notch, that’s embarrassing.

    It’s not terrible — I use worse software — it’s just that it’s such a dramatic decrease in quality. If I wanted to be protected from my own administrative options, coerced into using inflexible templates, all for the sake of being pacified by giant buttons with safety-scissor-rounded edges that look like Duplo blocks, I’d use Apple products.

    Most distressingly, I don’t see any response from WordPress staff. Rolling out a new layout can be expected to cause little glitches, even if the new layout is wonderful… I would expect the staff to be keeping an eye out for a thread such as this and at the very least acknowledging it. Which is making me second-guess my judgement about not just the design but also the service — another thing that in my experience has always been worth bragging about.

    Like others who have commented, I am a paying user — for my personal blog as well as several organizational blogs. I run free “sign up for WordPress, it’s easy and great” workshops, and consider myself a cheerleader and promoter. I hope I get to continue feeling confident that that’s a good idea.




    Most distressingly, I don’t see any response from WordPress staff. Rolling out a new layout can be expected to cause little glitches, even if the new layout is wonderful… I would expect the staff to be keeping an eye out for a thread such as this and at the very least acknowledging it.

    They did this on purpose, sadly. It seems likely that they were expecting feedback, but at this point, it’s already a done deal, so no matter how many of us complain…

    Contained in those commits are countless improvements to the experience for, but I’m just as proud of the things we removed and streamlined: <b>the homepage has been drastically simplified, and a completely revamped reader is launching this week.</b>


    (emphasis mine, of course)

    Sadly, I find the new reader unusable. Since I’m not willing to manually transfer EVERY SINGLE BLOG I follow over to a third party reader, I’ll be missing out on a lot of the former interaction I previously enjoyed.

    I won’t use that reader, it gives me a headache and I just can’t.



    Arrgg… why? Where are the images, why are they all cropped small, for those of us who are mostly photo orientated bloggers and readers this new format sucks. Why can’t we see what the other photos are in the post? I have no desire to browse other blogs now, it is more work than it should be. Bring back the photos!



    I happen to be logged in, type in the address bar, and it puts me in THE READER, of all things? (something I rarely use) There’s no obvious way to go to dashboard, much contortion to find a link to wordpress support.

    The navigation on this is just plain nuts.


    Perhaps the reader and blogging platform could be separate (related) products, so that people who use one or the other are not forced to contend with both. When I log into Gmail, it doesn’t force me to click through my RSS reader first. The same could apply here — have a login process that clearly allows you to choose one or the other, and once logged in allows you to switch.

    It’s amazing how irritating those few extra clicks are, when you know they’re unnecessary that you’re going to have to repeat them every. single. time.


    Agre with ALL of the issues above. I never complain about WordPress changes but felt I had to add my voice to this one. Loved the old reader format. Intensely dislike the new one. Please change it back.
    And yes, I too had to go to Google to find the forum!


    I too was initially confused about the lack of functionality on the new blue header until I realised you just click on “Stats” and then click on the little “w” on the right and you’re taken straight to your dashboard.
    Scroll to the bottom and click on “Forums”. No Google required…..


    This thread was started to discuss the changes to reader. Lots of other issues have been raised all with one thing in common, its more complicated to do things. I would like to hear from photographers or other media types concerned about the clipping of thier pictures and the haphazard approach to their presentation in reader.


    I’ve been using wordpress for self hosted blogs/sites for years and last year i decided to get a free blog on here and i liked the additional reader that i could just bump a few topics into to get interesting articles to read.

    Lately this reader is starting to “upset” me. I have 2 topics in general that i search for, Coffee and Espresso. Espresso generally resulted in a 80/20 ratio of spam and actual posts. I used to be able to just click “Report as Spam and Block” those blogs altogether but apparently that feature has been removed. Although the amount of spam in the reader was growing every day i didn’t mind it as long as i could insta-block those (ab)users.

    Are there other ways of getting content from blogs by topic? Another website or service? Or even an application?

    I know i’m not a paying member, but i do feel that there are probably a lot of paying members on here that feel the exact same way.


    I hope someone at WordPress sees the light and addresses these concerns, or I shall have to think of another venue for my blogs. … Why is it that when something isn’t broke someone feels compelled to “fix” it? … I don’t know if I have the patience to figure yet another wholesale WordPress system change if they’re going to change it again in the future. I just got used to the old one … Frustrating …


    Please change this back to the previous incarnation – It is a confusing and unnecessary change – does not help the use or function – in fact hinders it. It is unpleasant to use and I will consider changing and moving my blog.



    First, change the Freshly Pressed to the old format. The current format makes it no different from any other topic under Explore Topics. The “specialness” is gone.

    Second, when skimming through a topic, the photos are too big, the title font is too big and the title comes after the picture. If there is no picture, then that causes even more confusion and slows down skimming. One thing that could help is to make the background darker so one post can be differentiated from the following post. Having a title show up first would be nice too.

    Third, finding the dashboard is now a game.
    Last, do WP people even consider what bloggers think before making changes or just react? Do they care?


    For those concerned about huge pictures and fonts in the reader.

    For firefox users only (sorry!), I have a workaround using an addon, which turns this into this. Unlike firefox’s built-in zoom, which gets applied right across wordpress, this is specific to the reader.

    If anyone’s interested, you can email me via my About page. If I get a lot a queries, I’ll make a post on it and post the link here.


    Oops. Those links!

    It turns this into this.


    Again, we remain unsettled/perplexed that with the new format, there is no indication whether the post contains multiple photos or just one photo; lots of text, a little text, or no text. In any other website we can think of, readers/viewers have an idea of what is behind the click: a story, just a photo, a story and a photo, etc. It used to be this way on the reader. We simply do not have time to randomly click on the reader page with no idea as to what – if any – additional content will come up. Plus, how come SOME photos that include stories show the beginning of the story on the reader, and OTHERS that also have a photo and a story show only the story?



    Where do we block spam in reader now?


    I think there should be an option where users can choose either the old or the new format. My two cents.



    WordPress have ruined blogging for me. I just deleted my blog and I am leaving WP for good. This new update is the worst ever, and as it’s always a case with WordPress updates of ‘like it or leave’ I do not like it, and so therefore I have quite willingly left.



    Gotta agree with the other posters here. Catching up on blogs I follow, topics in my Reader, or Freshly Pressed is frustrating. Text and pics are too big. It’s hard to tell where one post ends and the next begins. Sometimes there’s a photo and a blurb, sometimes just a blurb, sometimes just a title, sometimes just a photo. Reading is impossible. If one of the blogs I follow changed to a format like this, I’d quickly stop following them.

    Please change back, or give us options to set how we want to view Reader and FP.

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