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New Format for Reader/Wordpress Website

  1. Let me know how I can help you guys. I am so sick of this reader issue and looking to move to Typepad, too.

  2. @ rakmilphotography

    My suspicion is that the problem is a direct result of designers not being sensitive to the same things photographers would be. Different themes display in different ways in this new reader etc.

    It's my opinion that Staff are fully aware of the feedback here that you think they are not aware of. I don't believe the amount of Staff time and energy being invested in this conversion is by any means "small". It's a huge investment a that's aimed at moving forward in a rapidly changing technological environment. I could be wrong but I believe a great deal of Staff thought and planning (ie. over a year) of preparation has gone into this conversion.

    It's my opinion that Staff focus is on the fact that there are now more people with smartphones on this planet, that there are those with toothbrushes. Moreover, it's expected that by the time this year ends and 2014 dawns there may be more people with smartphones that do not have running water, electricity and a formal education.

    In other words it' my opinion that Staff are focused on creating a cloud hosted touch compatible platform and we bloggers are not in the know when it comes to all the factors that developers have to consider at all.

  3. edit: "that do not have running water, electricity and a formal education than those who do have those."

  4. The new changes still suck regardless of the running water status of those sharing the planet. A paid staff member response would be great.

  5. So you think that they think that people will prefer looking at the reader on their smart phones. I have a smart phone and I never look at the reader, only get 1.5 gb with my phone, I'm not wasting it by looking at the reader.
    Also the app on the smart phone is completely different to how you use it on your computer, so why make the reader the same for both. That doesn't make sense. People are always going to prefer using a computer to a phone to look at the internet. I have two teenage girls, their laptops get used as much as their phones. They don't use the internet on their phones when their laptop is available. Sounds to me like WP are making a massive mistake.
    I agree, hearing from a staff member would be best, would be good to know exactly what they are plannin.

  6. rakmilphotography

    I meant no ill by what I said. There are in fact many photographic texts and courses that spend considerable effort in explaining these issues. Having also looked at this from web design side and book design side, its very different. There was no/no intent to impugn anyone. Just a suspicion on my part that good web design may conflict with good composition in photography.
    As for smart phones on my Iphone it indicates in "blogs I follow" the number of words, images and links. There may be more reason on a smart phone for larger type and less detail but not on a desktop device.


  7. @rakmilphotography
    I know you meant no ill. Have you considered setting up an account and site on a platform that's for photographers?
    Turn your photos into photo books, cards and gifts
    Free unlimited picture storage. We never delete.
    Easy and fun to create and personalize.
    Happiness guaranteed. You'll love it. We promise.

  8. rakmilphotography

    Yes I have thought about it.

    WP has the advantage of a broader less focused community. People have contacted me for help and advice with things photographic and I have enjoyed responding. On a photo only site it can be more competitive, which has its own benefits.

  9. The thing that keeps crossing my mind is ... "WP had to do user-testing on the changes before they pushed them out. How could they NOT have done user-testing? And thinking that, how did we end up with what we got?"

  10. It looks like some of the worst issues seem to have been fixed: the arbitrary cropping is gone and the text is now being picked up. The spam filter is also back. - So thanks for that, whoever was listening.

    The layout is still confused, as there is no clear separation between two posts: previously this was the title, which was good as it gave a "way in" to the image. What is still missing, is the information whether there are more text and images, previously the "read more" and thumbnails"

    Why are these important?
    Sometimes we post just a quick pic or quote - anyone who clicks hoping for more will be disappointed. Then when we do post more, nobody will see it, because by then they've "learnt" not to click.
    So please reinstate the information.

  11. rakmilphotography

    On cropping its hit or miss under "blogs I follow" and topic "photography". On the rest I agree.

  12. synapticcohesion

    I think I can sum it up:

    Before: The reader layout was so professional looking, it made the work of amateurs look polished and professional.

    Now: The new reader layout makes everyone's work look amateurish.

  13. rakmilphotography I posted something on my blog, don't know that it will make a difference, but there you are, also found I had been taken off this and not receiving notifications anymore, interesting.

  14. rakmilphotography


    Wonderful post!
    I too was taken off twice.
    I pulled back a bit after Timethief suggested I move to another website. In fact I am on Nikonians, Cambridge in Color and NAPP. You post there for the comments and criticism, and one of the most frequent C&Cs is a suggested re-crop.
    I agree with you that WP offer a lot in terms of discovery and community that the dedicated photo forums do not.
    Hoping things change,

  15. Thank you, hopefully I have rallied some support.

  16. Bring back the thumbnails, please!

  17. @rakmilphotography
    I did not suggest you move your content. I asked this:

    Have you considered setting up an account and site on a platform that's for photographers?

    I am a blogging tips blogger. I was thinking you may want to investing time and energy into establishing have an additional site for the traffic and backlink value it could generate to your existing blog. The more backlinks pointing to your site the better it is for establishing authority in your photography niche and achieving a higher pagerank.

  18. @rakmilphotography
    edit: Sorry. My vision is very bad today. I meant to type:
    I was thinking you may want to consider investing time and energy into establishing an additional site for the traffic and backlink value it could generate to your existing blog.

  19. @timethief

    We're both long-timers here at WP.

    I've been with WP since January 2006, with one blog or another, and have seen the UI evolve through the years. With each new feature and improvement, I've liked some. Others were so-so, and some I disliked. As a whole, I remained with WP because it's the better platform. It's more intuitive, more flexible, and the ease of use better. On the otherhand, some of the new features and improvements to the UI, over the years, have eroded some of that intuitiveness and ease of use.

    Regarding the new iteration of the Reader/WP format, I don't particularly care for it too much. It displays poorly if you're using a desktop/laptop. It may display well on a tablet/smartphone, but have no sense of it does since I use neither device for internet purposes. I try to keep my interaction with the Reader/WP homepage to a minimum, only using it to see what's new. With the new format, I've reduced my interaction with Reader more so.

    I agree with your opinion that staff has probably made a determination to transition the overall appearance of the Reader/WP format to a more mobile-friendly, touch-friendly platform since it appears that is where the technology is headed, and which people may be using more in the future.

    With that said, it's my hope that staff has also considered not everyone will be using the mobile/touch approach. Photographers, for example, are more likely to use the desktop/laptop in processing their work, and stay with that hardware platform as they bring it forward to the larger audience. Likewise for the serious writer.

    I could sunstantially add to my comments but don't want it to become a rambling mess.

    Have a good day!

  20. First off glad to see that see some things are being fixed (e.g. the possibility to report spam links, etc).

    From what I gather from a staff response earlier in the thread they're busy working on it.

    From what I understand if you want an image to show then you have to use a featured image. That makes sense, and is fine as well. However some themes show featured images differently. So this can cause some problems with the layouting, depending which theme you use. I have some posts in the reader come by that look like they have multiple pictures, but not sure what is going on there.

    One thing I do like about the new reader is that it is a lot quicker. Yeah. :-)
    The layout is starting to grow on me, but pictures that are large in height still make it difficult to read. I don't know but it does seem like some of the pictures have gotten smaller.

    What's troublesome is that once your in the reader it is now impossible to navigate to other parts of WordPress. Maybe add a menu item 'WordPress Navigation' (I know that name could be way better).

    Also the black color menu is a really neutral color. It is kinda confusing now that one page has

    Just a tip for in the future, I think a lot of people, including me, were really surprised by this change. Hopefully this can be a good learning experience.

    Maybe in the future look at having a testing group based from bloggers to look through the proposed changes to do beta testing, before rolling out broader across the community? Then some of these major glitches could have been ironed out.

    Having done a few upgrades myself, sometimes it just doesn't work the way you planned it. Hopefully it'll get fixed soon.

    Still loving WordPress very much, the surprises not so much.

  21. @hiddenlens
    Hi there,
    You and I are both on the same page.

    I try to keep my interaction with the Reader/WP homepage to a minimum, only using it to see what's new. With the new format, I've reduced my interaction with Reader more so.

    Me too.

  22. Sorry for the typo: should read "substantially" not "sunstantially".

  23. My apologies:

    Also the black color menu is a really neutral color. It is kinda confusing now that one page has

    Should be:

    Also the black color menu is a really neutral color. It is kinda confusing now that one page has a no black colored menu.

    On the point of being mobile/ tablet friendly. On a wide screen the layout can be really bright, almost painful to the eyes. It isn't a comfortable experience.
    But maybe other people's experience is different in this?

    To end on a positive note I really like the reader navigation bar on the right, and how that works.

    Good luck with the upgrade.

  24. I find it hard to understand why they are doing this so that people can use their phones for it. It has been my experience that WordPress has a generally older customer base, people whose eye sights are fading, mine included, and people who dislike change.

    The younger generation are all on Tumbler, so why bring out about changes like this, unless they want to attract that younger crowd. I hope not, I have seen the crap the kids put on tumbler and I am not sure I want the reader blocked up with it. I like the mature nature of WP.

    I just checked out the reader on my phone, and it does look better than it used to,but I don't have the internet time to be able to do it very often.

  25. No one has claimed that the only reason for these changes is to create a touch friendly environment.

  26. lingeringvisions

    I think it's incredibly ironic that during this week of their responsiveness theme I can't get my topics to load on my PC, never mind my phone!

  27. @lingeringvisions
    The loading issue is a separate issue please click this link and start your own thread so we can help you with it

  28. So, since there seems to be this argument that the reader has been changed to it is easier to use on smart phones, I decided to try it out on my smart phone, it does come up nicely, but only if I want to see the text, there are no images there at all. Could be because they are doing something else, have checked a couple of times, but will continue to do so.

  29. rakmilphotography

    I have spent the past few days looking at other alternatives to WordPress. I already have gallery space on line at some photosites (NAPP, Nikonians, Cambridge in Color etc.). The advantage of WP is the larger blogging community, the opportunity to interact with people who are interested in a broader range of things than just photography. Or on the other hand have questions, or who I can query as a result f my blog.

    I cross posted a picture from my site here to Nikonians. I got a flurry of comments on the cropping. I tried various solutions, then went to Cambridge in Color for more views, of which there have been several. This was a photo of a single bird!. Cropping is not always easy, it may be a question of taste. I posted a photo of juggler on one site and a famous photographer, took it upon himself to copy the shot and do a re-cropping. I was honored, but a little embarrassed.

    My point is not that I am lousy at cropping, go to my site, judge for yourself. My point it that arbitrary cropping in Reader adds to an already complex part of the art of photography. Here its been taken to extremes, the top of the Eiffel tower cut off, a horse's head missing, a boat without a mast.

    I know this has been a long thread and I hope others share my views, I am told more will be done next week. But its important if the photography community with WP is to be taken seriously.

    Thanks for listening

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