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    Houston, we have a problem… looks like the nays have it. Any ideas when we get a workable update?


    There is a problem on Monday I sent a private message to support, something I find I can no longer do (another change). That message was about this reader issue. They could at least tell us what they intend to do or not do. I have a lot invested in WP, in terms of time, friends signed up by email etc. etc. Moving would have its downsides so I hold out hope that we will have an answer.


    I am a photographer and I love the new reader. I think it is what we asked for months ago. It is like how the reader used to be only it scrolls. It is faster to look at. We just need to make sure how best image is the first one. I still know if I want to go and look at other blogs. Having the tiny thumbnails didn’t do anything, they were too small to see.
    Sorry, but I think its a keeper.

    I am just reading your comment above, I remember when they did major changes to the reader last time, it was done with no consultation, they didn’t care that everyone was in an uproar. If it works then it stays. I think that is one of the things you have to be prepared to put up with if you want to stick with WP. The guy that started it thinks of it as his baby and no one is going to tell him how to do it. I have considered leaving, but then you have to leave the community as well. Sorry I haven’t been any help.


    I forgot to say as well, that those of us who live in countries where we can’t get unlimited download time with our internet connection, then having the reader like this means we are downloading less images, and we won’t be using up all our available time.
    Would love to have unlimited, but it isn’t available here.


    The new Reader is no good. As a person with a photo blog, I hate it. It cuts off the photo…compressing them into narrow rectangles. Titles don’t correlate with photos and you are FORCED to click on said photo to see it in its entirety. Too time consuming!

    I picture the WP staff reading our replies and laughing, since nobody in authority has responded. Member replies are subjective and mostly not helpful. Is this it? Is this what we have to live with? Even if we are PAYING customers?


    Whether the thumbnails are viewable or not is a factor of your screen size. At the very least a photographer should be upset his work is being cropped without his consent. If people want to see my photo sets they need to know there is more than one photo. Takes a simple line of text, and no more room if the huge typeface is removed. A less cluttered reader is fine, cropping someone’s work, and to some extent, misrepresenting their content is another.


    Can I get my old reader back, please?

    For one, I can’t really tell where one post ends and another one starts.

    For another, I absolutely hate not knowing who is the author of a blog post until I scroll to the bottom. For me seeing the author is often more important than the subject line.

    I dislike first seeing the picture and then the headline.

    So it goes like this: I see a pic, then I try and figure out which post goes with it – the one above? The one below? Then I get confused as I start reading – who wrote it? I keep scrolling up and down, up and down, up and down. Getting lost and frustrated.

    Hate it, hate it, hate it.

    And trust me – I rarely use the word “hate”.


    I want people to look at my photos on my blog, not on the reader, if the reader gives it all away then I miss out on people looking at my blog. I like the idea of the reader being the teaser, come and look at me.

    WordPress have just done what people asked them do months ago. You wanted the reader the look like what freshly did, it does, only instead of getting 16 posts on a page you can now scroll though it.
    Have to be careful what you ask for.



    I too want people to visit my blog, and I like the idea of the reader being a teaser, but not if it cuts people’s heads off and does not indicate what is on the website. More over the format and large type sort of make the content we provide less a teaser than an inexplicable thumbnail.

    I think we are on the same side here – teaser great – cropped misleading representation not so great.

    am sure a middle ground can be found but with whom can we dialogue?



    Thank you, everyone, for your feedback on the Reader changes. We appreciate your comments and your patience as we work out the final look and feel.

    For those who prefer the old tiled format of Freshly Pressed, there is now a way to toggle back to it, by clicking the little “grid” icon, as in this screenshot:


    Actually it’s seeing a quality image in its entirety that makes be want to visit the blog. To read the content. To see what others have to say about it. If everything is cut up and jumbled together–you just want to skip reading everything altogether.


    Thanks for this update a similar button for topics that would toggle between the old and new view would be great!


    I rarely do people, but I understand what you are saying, that wouldn’t be good. I don’t really understand the cropping thing. I have noticed that they turn some images into landscape mode when they are taken in portrait, yet leave others in portrait mode. I wonder if it has something with the size of the image that you put on your blog.
    We should experiment, and see if it does make a different. My image was cropped, but not much, I usually post my images so the widest side is 800 pixels. For my post today I will try posting the image, but make it 600px, see if that makes a difference.

    I do know that all of us complaining isn’t going to make a difference. They don’t care. That is the reality. I remember the last time they made a major change to the reader, and many complained, and we were told, too bad, it stays as is. The problem is that unless most people complain, say 90% of WP users, then they won’t listen. This is a dictatorship not a democracy. That is what I have come to understand. Sad really.


    Yes, LA…it is sad. Like I said earlier…sitting back laughing. They don’t give a damn.


    Just looked at the instructions for image uploading, not sure reducing the size of our images is going to do much good, but it would help if WP gave us some stand image sizes (longest edge etc.) like other websites do.

    Would a happiness engineer care respond? Its a technical question.


    I would also think that it is a copyright issue too, I don’t remember giving them permission to crop my images. Does it apply here.

    I second what you have said
    Would a happiness engineer care respond? Its a technical question.

    There must be a reason, would be nice to know what it is.


    Leanne, a very good point!




    Thank you, everyone, for your feedback on the Reader changes. We appreciate your comments and your patience as we work out the final look and feel.

    For those who prefer the old tiled format of Freshly Pressed, there is now a way to toggle back to it, by clicking the little “grid” icon, as in this screenshot:

    Is there any way to get this for the Reader as a whole? That would be lovely.

    Having things tiled like that negates some of the large amounts of white space, which (combined with the blue) causes literal headaches.


    Could we agree that a toggle between the former format and anything else?


    It is not very user friendly. I also miss the Freshly Pressed at a glance rather than having to scroll through the listings.

    Probably not as crucial as world peace, but a return to the other format is probably better.

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