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    So what I get from Kathyryn’s comment is that the staff are finalizing the new Reader. No idea if our ideas are taken into consideration and no info on what to expect in the future. Am I right in that interpretation or am I missing something?


    Ameliespp, I think you are dead on.



    I see that justjennifer who is posting constructive feedback and testing is making some progress here re: the new Admin bar >


    Really hate the way the new reader is chopping up my photos. Looks terrible.


    Time thief do you work for WP?
    This thread is about the reader not the admin bar. It may be problematic, but this thread is focused on the reader and specifically how postings are displayed in the topics, not/not freshly pressed.
    Its about cropping photos, bout knowing what people are posting when it comes to media.
    Its about not having to click more often to get what was one click before.
    Thanks – give us some help here.


    Timethief doesn’t work for WP. He or she is a member ‘volunteer’.


    Great volunteer is wonderful. Sounds like someone who could argue on our behalf!



    the writer of the post should be at the top and not at the bottom of the photo.. i’m always confused with the layout :( The old format of the reader seems fine to me.



    I responded to @ameliespp; I did not address everyone in this thread. I am a Volunteer who has been here for over 6 years and that’s years longer than most Staff have been here. Volunteers do not argue on anyone else’s behalf. Note: justjennifer is a Volunteer too and she is making headway with her issues – ‘ nuff said?


    @ramkilphotography — see what I mean?


    Thanks Time thief message recievied!



    Good. :)


    Sometimes my spelling stinks, which is why I take pictures!

    I have been with WP a year and just last month paid my dues for the second year. I should have done this years ago. WP has been great for me, hence my concern over the changes that affect the utility of WP.



    The new reader: dislike. :( I second all of the issues mentioned above. Please change it back. – Also navigation is a hassle, way too many clicks. BTW, found the forums only by chance as they are missing in the footer areas on most pages. Honi soit qui mal y pense. ;)



    I can’t understand why they changed it. It was working perfectly well and most people were very happy with it. The reader is too confusing now. Also we seem to have lost the ability to click on and stop people we don’t want posting on our reader. I think there must be some techies who are bored or trying to justify their jobs. Either way it sucks!



    I too am unhappy with the new format of the reader. The giant size of the pictures means that on my small screen they take up all of the space and I can’t see any actual content. Plus the pictures are cut off in weird ways. I also wish the title and blog name were back above the picture.



    New format of reader is completely useless for following photo or art blogs. The whole photo needs to be shown, not arbitrary crops, plus info of whether there are more pics or text. The layout is confusing, you can’t even tell who is posting what, and the fonts are a joke. The possibility to filter out the spammers is also gone.
    Who comes up with these crappy ideas? I can only conclude that nobody on the WP team actually uses WP.
    Either WP should switch back to former format, or at least make it an option.
    Another disgruntled, and unfortunately paying, customer.


    WordPress – you should make this new layout optional for all users. I hate it. It has made blogging for the last 2 days difficult. Is there anyway to switch it back?

    Also, the spacing is being weird for me when blogging. Instead of having line spaces, it is making it seem as all my sentences are 1 large paragraph.



    I understand, WordPress, that you can’t make *everyone* happy. BUT this new reader format is awful. For some reason, when I make a post, only the title shows up. If I shuffle things around I may get an image … a great big huge image. I can’t get it the way it was before: title, small version of image, partial text. Why can’t we go back to this? Because the way things are NOW, there is no reason for anyone to visit my blog after seeing just a title in the reader. Can’t you have two or three good options for people? Better yet, can’t we go back to the reader we had last week? This is ridiculous.


    Lemonade out of lemons, silver linings and all that… we’ve found that since the change to reader was made, we simply have stopped using reader. Haven’t looked at it at all except to see if they changed it back to the good old way. They haven’t. So, this has freed up time which we’ve used to get back into books & magazines. Most of our new viewers come for Google searches… So… although we’re disappointed the old reader is gone, it’s gone, and life moves on – it without us, and us without it.

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