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New Format for Reader/Wordpress Website

  1. @rakmilphotography

    authorship highlighted

    As I already know the blog site titles the blogger's username of the blogs I subscribe to, I consider all that info coming back to me on every post in the Reader to be space wasting redundancy.

  2. thedixieflatline666


    Agreed. It should be an index, with enough of a teaser to let us know whether we might be interested in reading further. Though I'd have a slightly longer intro; about the length of a tweet, maybe. For the photobloggers: it shouldn't be too hard to include a 140 character description of the theme of your post to go with the thumbnail.

    For ease of use, links should open the post in a new tab, too.

  3. rakmilphotography

    Some of us believe our photos should speak for themselves. Its bad enough coming up with a titles sometimes. "Bird Mix 3" comes to mind as an example :)

  4. @@rakmilphotography

    One medium sized shot and a line to indicate, links, number of images and likes as in the old days. Title at the top, menu bar on the left and human sized fonts.

    I respectfully disagree. I don't need to know how many likes, comments, of images there are on any post. those are all deterrents to me clicking in. I like the adventure of not knowing exactly what I will find when I do click in.

    I don't need or want to be influenced by the fact that there are MANY likes and comments on any post. I'm very busy so if a post has lots of support, then hmmmm ... I maybe inclined to move right along to locate an undiscovered gem ... next!

    Wisdom is doing everything the crowd does not do. ... Wherever the crowd goes, run the other direction. They’re always wrong.” -- Charles Bukowski ;)

  5. rakmilphotography

    I was suggesting going back. Prepared to compromise but I do not want people thinking that the photo in reader is all there is. You can tell that happens by comparing views to visitors. So i need a way for them to know something about my post, drop the link, likes etc. but number of images is key if you want a visit!

  6. thedixieflatline666

    but number of images is key if you want a visit!

    There we go! We've begun the description. "A series of 14 photos of birds in my local park. Taken as the sun was just rising, the dawn chorus was in full sound …"

  7. rakmilphotography

    Have a look at my blog, the title says everything it needs to.
    Your example is worse than a subscript that notes there are 14 images. I not a biologist describing time and place. I don't want to remove the mystery just entice a reader to see it all. Painted Ladies, Real Monsters, Minotaurs of the Garden. See what I mean those titles from site.

    I also note this thread, that I began in support, is now in ideas - who chose to make my request for change to an idea.

  8. rakmilphotography

    Sorry I meant to say "those titles re from my website".

  9. rakmilphotography

    I was just asked to rate the help I go in support from "Elizabeth" in response this thread when it was in the Support forum. I said it was great. Its a corporate issue and she answered as she could. I do not want someone reading talking points to be impugned.

  10. @thedixieflatline666 @rakmilphotography
    I couldn't resist posting this:

    “On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.” — David Ogilvy

    From: Targeted Blog Post Titles Draw Traffic

  11. rakmilphotography

    My father worked with David and I have read his books. In fact my titles and my photos probably make his point. But the tile is not the issue, even all of the tiles on reader are in the wrong place. Do books have their titles on the back, newspapers on the bottom of the column?

    The problem is that a title is a teaser, what is to stop people, given that majority of photos published are single shots, from just liking the slug in the reader, as opposed to visiting my site? Who needs to know when I posted the photos. Lets remove that for space.

  12. synapticcohesion

    In today's ADD world, most people are drawn to the colors , the pictures first--not the words.

  13. rakmilphotography

  14. pearlsandparis

    Has Support responded to anyone in regards to these issues yet??

    I feel like my views and visitors per day has been also been greatly effected by this new layout. It's horrible and I am seriously thinking about just changing my platform.

  15. Staff have replied once to this thread and I'm confident that they are reading the submissions we make in it.

  16. leannewhatever

    I couldn't agree more.
    I notice that the reader now has smaller images for some posts.

  17. I hate the new format - the "too big and not enough visible of the actual post " new reader is bad enough, but the worst for me is that the old black bar at the top of the page has disappeared and to find a way in to actually write a post is now hidden from view and is simply nonsensical.

    It is awful.

    No, WordPress, I don't want to do a "quick post" that gives no options for type setting, adding a mixture of media, no space to add tags etc.

    The only way to add a quality post with all the options you used to get is to find your way via another post or another blogger's site into the all-singing all-dancing "new post" screen that is perfect for posting from.

    Please change it back again!!!!!!!!!!

  18. @sterlingsop
    This is the direct link to create a post ion your won blog's dashboard > I suggest that you could bookmark it.

  19. Please Change it Back!! I dont mind changes generally, but everything has become cumbersome. The old format worked much better.

  20. eeek – the Reader has just changed again!

  21. @sterlingsop, I am a bit confused, don't you use your actual blog and homepage to do all that. When I want to do a new post I do it all from there, I click on the name of the blog in the bar at the top and then do new post. I never do a new post from the reader or the stats page.

    It is also how I access my dashboard. I am glad that you now get the drop down menu/thing for the notifications and they changed from when you press on it the whole page changed to your notifications.

  22. rakmilphotography

    Looking at Reader now I am very confused as to how things will display, where do I go for enlightenment? Where are the new rules...
    I note in some cases it says how many more words there in others it does not. Some people can post multiple photos and some multiple photos need to be scrolled within the reader.

  23. Well, thanks goes to WP for making it possible to view Freshly Pressed as a list or a grid.

  24. As @annacull noted in a few comments above the reader has changed again.

    I like the changes. Think it looks pretty spiffy with a picture on the right side, and the title and excerpt to the left. As well as the layout of the rest of the post.

    Compliments WordPress Crew looks nice!

  25. Oh my! I just took peek and it's looking better. Yay!

  26. rakmilphotography

    How is it better that panorama, horizontal photos get a big foot print and portrait vertical photos get shrunk? How is it better that I know how many words the post has and not how many images?
    Placing the text around the photo automatically shrinks it, not great for mobility.
    In fairness this is just rolling out and let us all reserve judgement, but right now its worse, than this morning from my perspective.
    In any event people need to be told how various types of formats and sizes will be presented and how they can plan for that.
    Please understand when I say I am trying to be helpful.

  27. rakmilphotography

    Oh and I just saw a post with ten small photos in it. I am basing all of my comments on the Photography Topic, in case someone wants to check.

  28. With respect timethief your advice to sterlingsop is just plain silly. Why bookmark a link outside the system when a simple click icon is the answer. You are doing a stout job defending the changes but the plain fact is that they are just awful. It seems WP wants to 'dumb down' the whole blogging experience. I agree with with sterlingsop I don't want to write through the quick post function I want the proper page and I want to be able to access it easily.

  29. I've already noted my comments in a thread I started a month ago, so here's the short version:

    -Inconsistent UI across the platform: Check!
    -Inability to scroll back to the top of the page by clicking on the blue bar in FF18: Check!
    -Extra clicks needed to access our blog dashboards: Check!
    -Inability to directly and quickly access other sections on (Forums, Support, News, etc.): Check!

    If anyone wants to read the long version:

  30. justjennifer-

    I must agree with you...I've been blogging multiple times a day for 11 months now.

    I can't seem to find a good portion of the tools I used on a regular basis on this new format, and find that I spend a good deal of additional time trying to use the system in an easy, comprehensive way.

    I spent an hour today trying to find all the support pages of building traffic. Has anybody seen where the PRweb (or was it wire) $89 press release offer has gone? It used to be on the left column...I think it was an incentive deal of WP users.


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