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    We meant “come from Google searches”…



    My Reader now mostly shows the blogs I follow as badly cropped pics ( of now mainly headless people lol ) , underneath shows the tags row, then underneath the blogs title and then under that the avatars profile pic & the Like and Reblog.

    What a waste of time having to open each blog individually to read them; means I dont bother with comments or likes anymore.


    I too used to check the reader daily for interesting posts on certain topics. Now that i can’t block out the spam anymore i just don’t bother anymore. It frees up time but i’d rather just get some posts without the spam.

    If you’re going to deny us the possibility to block spam ourselves the very least WP could do is prevent spam themselves. As they should in the first place imho.


    Eh, something must’ve changed in the last couple of minutes as there is an option to block those spam posts again. Pfew!

    It’s located to the right of the name of the blog like before. The name of the blog is still in the wrong place though…


    Why do some members get their photos chopped up on the new (horrible) reader and others don’t? Playing favorites?

    THIS NEW FORMAT SUCKS! We won’t be liking each others stuff to avoid the damn reader.



    Hi, I’ve posted a portrait photo on my blog and on the reader it’s been cropped to a thin, horizontal rectangle missing the main focus of the photo almost completely! Other portrait photos on other blogs have been left in the same format on the reader. Is this a random act?

    Clearly not very impressive for attracting people to a photography blog!


    The formatting of photographs and other media is part of the issue, the other is some indication of how many images appear on the website.



    I have been checking out other blog services, looking for options. Well, I think I may have found the template for the WP changes – a site called Typepad. I clicked on their ‘showcase’ page and selected the ‘artist’ category – and lo and behold it looks just like the new WP reader.

    I am going to hang in there with WP for a little while, I do like it here, but I can already tell that traffic to my site has been affected and I have just lost the joy of browsing. And I just paid $30 for no ads…

    The basic fun of WP for me was the ease of interaction with other bloggers. Since I am not browsing as much I may use the extra time to start a new blog somewhere else. I won’t abandon the community I have here, but I may foster a new one somewhere else.

    WP used to feel like home to me. Now it feels like someone came in the middle of the night and moved all my furniture. I am really bummed out.


    I have come across at least two blog posts about this issue. Sooner or later someone will start a blog dedicated to the issue:)



    People are saying that images are being cropped…well, my images are missing. My blog posts are being shown in full and the included images are not shown. I am annoyed that my posts are now shown in full, no-one need ever click on my blog again, they can just steal my content from the Reader, and like a thief in the night, I won’t even know they were ever there!!


    I can no longer use wordpress in this format. Why have things been changed? This is not working for me. I do a blog for my theater and will need to move to another blog site unless things are changed back. I’ve not been able to post for two days and I’m losing business.



    I think the new Reader format makes it extremely difficult to browse posts of people I follow as well. 10 or so other WP bloggers have commented on my blog agreeing, and about another 15 have “liked” the post, and they must agree with me somewhat. So far, I haven’t seen anyone who likes the changes. I’m not looking to troll, but these changes do seem unpopular, and more importantly, I believe they reduce rather than increase the functionality of the site.



    Nothing to do with the reader, but on the “new format for WordPress website” issue…. if people want to be taken straight to the old dashboard when you log in, you can do it by bookmarking and visiting (instead of just

    I didn’t know this until someone told me, so perhaps others will find it useful – I much prefer to do this rather than clicking through endless pages to get to the dashboard (and restore the functionality of the black bar at the top of the screen). It doesn’t address the Reader issue, obviously.



    This blows.



    Is there a work around to show the whole photo, I see some photos that are not cropped. That would be a start, but it still sucks not being able to see the rest of the images or how many words are in that post. I might as well go else where for my blog which is photo based if these issues are not resolved!


    I do not want to alienate anyone but the arbitrary cropping continues. I checked the topic Photography on two browsers. Photographers generally take time thinking about format and crops.
    Still too much space devoted to text, over a third of the post preview, with enormous fonts.
    Finally no mention of what to expect in the post in terms of images and links.
    Hopefully this is being looked at.



    Rakmil, I think we will all need to do posts on this and rally support from the wider community. I am happy to mention in my post today, and maybe see if we can start a petition or something. I really understand what you mean, some of the photos just look stupid now, and others are there in there entirety, it really doesn’t make any sense at all. ARe they playing favourites.


    There are at least two other blogs rallying their followers. My effort has been to keep this thread at the top of the forum as a gentle reminder. I know other blogs have posted comments and tried to rally support. Go for it, and I can follow if necessary. My only concern is that we avoid argument. My suspicion is that the problem is a direct result of designers not being sensitive to the same things photographers would be. Different themes display in different ways in this new reader etc.


    Okay, I will see what I can do. I will let you know what I have done it. I usually post in the afternoons, around 2 or 3, which doesn’t make sense for you, I’m in Australia, but in about 7 hours.


    Sounds great.

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