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    What do all the options mean in the new “format” box when writing or editing a post? I looked on the support site and could not find anything about it to help clarify what these options are and what they do so I know which one to use for each kind of post.

    The blog I need help with is


    Standard would be just like a normal post. An aside is a special type of post and typically does not display a title. The “gallery” will show a featured image from the gallery you insert into the post, with a line underneath saying, “this gallery contains X photos and if you click on that link, it takes you to the gallery page that then shows all the images.

    I tried them all on my test blog at if you want to take a look. There seems to be some bugs though with the gallery thing as it took several attempts to get it to work and the editor would become completely unresponsive and I would have to refresh the page losing my changes. None of the buttons worked.


    Asides are sort of like a “lite post”. Basically they are just used for a short update or comment that does not rate as a full post. Think of it as twitter envy but allowing unlimited characters.



    Hm, so we now have “Aside” and “Gallery” Post Formats? I wonder what this is going to do to all my old posts that I’ve already tagged as Categories instead.

    You can see a short explanation about using these Categories “Special styles for Asides and Galleries” in the introduction to Twenty Ten



    By the way, seems this only affects Twenty Ten. Haven’t found it on the other themes my other blogs are using.



    Thank you, that clears it up.

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