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  1. Any plans to extend the forums beyond talking about WordPress? It might help to build a bit of community to have the opportunity to do something other than whinge.


  2. I've thought about adding in a general chat area and a "promote/ spam your blog" area. Sent in a feedback but never heard anything back though. Didn't want to over step my bounds.

  3. I think a "Spam Your Blog" forum would be nice. Might cut out some of the odd replies in the Support forum that appear only there to pimp a blog.

    Hmmm...maybe I just did that.

  4. ditto, mutube. perhaps the wp ppl think thr isn't a demand for it? i wouldn't mind such a forum.

  5. But would we ever actually use it?

    (This comment added for purely self-promotional reasons.) ;>

  6. Not something for established folks I guess, but might be nice for newbies to have a place to drop & say hello?

    The current setup might be a little intimidating to some - you sign up, go to the forums & all you see is troubleshooting & requests for help.

    It's a mistake to add these sort of things too early (nobody posts, it looks deserted, same effect as above) but there's a steady flow of new bloggers these days it seems?

  7. General chat would do a lot to promote the kind of community feeling which you find on livejournal and similar sites. But then strong communities also have a nasty tendency to be vocal when things aren't going well. They also tend to develop a sense of ownership and views about how things should be run, which I don't think would sit at all well with the actual owner.

    The advantages and disadvantages of fostering a user community are pretty evenly balanced, but it really comes down to whether you want to compete with blogspot or livejournal. So far all the indications seem to be that they'd rather be blogspot.

  8. I think we should add some more to these forums. As others have said "Spam Your Blog" or just a general chat.

  9. Dear DrMike, please overstep your bounds and create the spamming blog area.
    I don't know if that's possible, but it would be nice if some kind of geographical targeting were available.
    Forgive me if a directory might be a better solution and I should write the following on a new forum, but I'm not sure. I feel curious of what people are blogging about in other corners of the world. Let's say I'm looking for wordpress food blogs written from Cape Verde.

  10. Geographic - Visit Blogshares for an index. (I aint giving them a link but you can find it via your favorite search engine)

    I would rather have staff level input on this as I'm already moving about half a dozen posts around every day. Not a big issue but it is occuring.

  11. Someone has already taken their own time to create a blog to identify the best blogs on WP. ( So, rather than create a general chat forum, why not create your own blog geared toward the WP community? Basically, it would just be a comment driven blog.

    If I were going to do it (which I don't have time for), I would create it as a regular blog. Then, instead of creating normal blog entries, I would create a series of single word or single line topic entries for users to enter comments under. Something like this:

    Introduce Yourself
    Talk Amoungst Yourselves
    Talk About Each Other
    What Do You Like
    What Do You Hate

    You'd have to monitor these comments yourself and add new topic areas, but you see how this could be used as a its own sort of chat/forum.

  12. ditto, mutube. perhaps the wp ppl think thr isn't a demand for it? i wouldn't mind such a forum.

    More likely the "wp ppl" think the forum is for WP and associated topics and that there are thousands, if not millions, of other forums to "chat" about non-WP topics.

  13. thr is still a demand for it despite it not being relevant to wp... but you have a point thr marc

  14. Considering that the home page of these forums puts all the recent topics together intermixxed, it would also cludder up the forum home page. That would be an issue as well, especially since there is already a problem with people posting questions that have already been answered in a thread three posts down. (ie They're not scanning the page looking for their issue before posting.)

  15. It would be handy if the list of forums was at the top in some ways - so it would be possible to filter what you're looking at in the list). Having said that, I understand the decision to put latest posts up there, as it makes them easier to get to.

    Being able to filter them out (even the few Ideas posts) would make it clearer for people to find Support answers.

    How many people use the tag cloud to navigate?

  16. Um, very few people use the Ideas section though. They, um, get moved over there if you catch my drift. :whistle:

  17. I would think that a number of "ideas" come out of answering questions and figuring out solutions in the support forums. Discovering a workaround solution to a problem creates an idea.

  18. Agreed. I was talking about the posts that start out with "I think you need to add..." They seem to start off in support though usually.

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