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    I adored the SpringLoaded Theme you offered for free and have been using it for my personal WordPress blog. I have another free WordPress for my home church but I am not sold out with the rest of available free themes. Here’s my wishful thinking: It would be great if you would offer us another free theme/s with fresh design/s like the SpringLoaded. I just loved it. Kudos to its creator. Regards. :)

    The blog I need help with is


    I love Springloaded too! I have it on my blog. It’s my favourite theme.

    WP seriously need to provide more variety in their theme designs – more colourful, quirky themes and less of the businessy silver/grey/white themes – there are too many of those already IMHO!




    I think everyone is hoping for new themes, and some that have a more cutting edge look and feel to them. After seeing iNove, which is a little bland but with some very nice features, I have my fingers crossed that we might see more.

    My vote is for a combination of iNove and Vigilance. iNove for the features, and Vigilance for both the features and the built-in color control (although I would like to see it taken a little further).



    I am hoping for new themes, too!

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