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    I have several galleries on my site, I noticed a change today.

    1. The gallery now displays the EXIF data from digital cameras. How can I get rid of this? I use this for a small business and the galleries are a sort of product catalog. My clients do not care about the EXIF data, nor do I. I would like to delete it.

    2. I used to be able to click on “permalink” and be taken to a blown-up image along with a text description below it. Now, it reads “reblog” instead (fine, don’t care), but the text displays immediately beneath the photo, in a pretty bad gray color over a black background. It also reads “comments are closed” or has a comment box. I would like to get rid of the comment box…again, it’s a catalog, no comments wanted.

    3. The up/down arrows don’t work properly. I click the up arrow and am taken back to the main gallery page. I click the down arrow and am taken to the next image. This may be confusing for people who may not assume they must use the arrows on the key board.

    I would really like to revert back to the original galleries. I understand this is not a theme specific issue, rather a platform change. Please help. As is, it is detrimental to my start-up business.

    Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi, I’m curious to know the same thing. It seems the galleries on my blog are doing the same thing.

    I had finally settled on a simple and slick design that I was happy with and now it has gone to the dogs… I am only interested in seeing the image on screen not the exif or name etc. My galleries went from great to rubbish overnight.

    Why oh why? Please WP, revert the galleries to how they were previously

    To see what I mean have a look at my blog



    If you have the css upgrade, you can add this to get rid of the EXIF data from your camera. I got this from another forum post I made, and it worked. I completely agree, I’m very distraught over this and spent an hour amending my image descriptions. I’m happy the EXIF data is gone…if you don’t have the CSS upgrade, then you need to manually remove it from your photos prior to upload. Now I want to get the comment box removed. Very frustrating indeed.

    .jp-carousel-image-meta {
    display: none !important;

    .jp-carousel-left-column-wrapper {
    margin-left: auto;
    margin-right: auto;


    I can help you hide it with CSS, but that requires the Custom Design Upgrade.

    I expect there may be some bugs in it that staff will have to work through and give the styling some loving as well.

    Reversion to what we had before, based on experience with past “improvements” is very unlikely to happen as is some way to toggle it on or off.


    Yes, styling needs loving! I also noticed the gallery images are much slower to load with this “improvement.” Perhaps they can work on that as well. By the way, any CSS to get rid of the comment box?


    This will get rid of the comment form.

    #jp-carousel-comment-form {
    display: none;

    Thank you, I really appreciate it!



    well, I don’t have the upgrade and I don’t understand CSS (or know what it is) so I hope that they add a feature in the dashboard that allows us to have the abilty to turn these on or off as we please.



    The EXIF is great for those of us that wanted it, but the “Download Original” link has me up in arms.

    IMNSHO, these should be made optional and not available by default. Given past experience I’m not going to hold my breath.



    And in my ire I neglected to notice that the “permalink” button is now gone from the Carousel.

    I really, really hope that there’s going to be a way to display the photo description that currently appears on the photo’s Attachment page. Otherwise, people who have used the Attachment pages for portfolio information, tutorials, etc., have completely lost a very important part of their website.


    Hi guys — we’ve just launched some additions to the carousel, and are still in the process of adjusting settings and ironing out all the kinks. We’ll post a full announcement on going into full detail in a few days.

    @justjennifer — the new carousel galleries include the photo’s caption, title, and description in addition to comments, so all of the information previously available on the photo permalink pages is now included in the carousel. If you’re not seeing all your photo data appearing in the carousel, please share with us a link to the gallery so we can take a look at it.



    @iammattthomas, but you are missing the Permalink itself!

    And there should be an option for us to change the wording or disable the link which suggest “Download Original”. Some of us may not want to be sharing such an inviting option.



    Okay, never mind. I see that you have changed to read “View full size”. That’s a better wording. Thanks.

    Now as far as I am concerned, the View full size should also show up on camera-taken images and not just regular images. Currently I don’t see a way for anyone to click on the (camera-taken) images to view them separately and in full size.



    @iammattthomas-The description text on the first image in this Gallery post now all runs together. It doesn’t keep any paragraph spacing. (And will anyone actually know that they have to scroll down in the Carousel to see it?)

    Also, not everyone wants to have their image descriptions being displayed with white text on a black background. Will there be an option to display the Carousel with black text on a white background?

    And changing the text from “Download Original” to “View Full Size” doesn’t actually change the functionality…



    Here’s my link where I have a combination of regular image and the camera-taken images. The captions are certainly behaving differently on two types of images. They look fine to me on camera-taken images (where there is an EXIF info), but caption doesn’t look good on regular image.

    Between Gallery and Slideshow, the bloggers appear to have absolutely no control and available options to choose for themselves. This is not a happy situation.


    I agree with Jennifer. I’m not very happy about the light text on black background for the photo descriptions. A black / gray text on white background is much more clean & crisp. I would love to be given an option for this. Also, the gallery is much slower to load, will turn off readers and clients.


    @ismailimail — I took a look at that gallery. It looks like your photos’ titles and descriptions are identical, in those cases we only show the description. The small text directly under the photo is your caption, the large white text is the title, and the grey text is the description. These will be updated if you change the photo description, title, or caption under your Media section in your dashboard.

    @justjennifer — the lack of paragraph spacing in the photo description is a bug; thanks for pointing that out. We’ll get that fixed up ASAP.

    @sourcinghandmade — we took care to actually make the galleries load faster in the new version of carousel, and so far in our testing that seems to be the case. If you notice that some galleries are loading particularly slowly, please let us know the URLs of those so we can check them out.


    @justjennifer — we’ve rolled out a fix for paragraph spacing in descriptions. Thanks again for the bug report!



    Hi guys,

    I use my blog for photos only and was very happy to have found an option of displaying my pictures without anything around it, thats why I chose the carousel.

    Now the photos titles, that are huge, mess up the whole impression,
    the bottom of the pictures isn’t visible anymore, and thats where I put the name of the picture manually, so it basically messed up the whole page.
    ( this is the link to it, it explains better what I am talking about: )

    Also I use the blog for clients and in no case want them to see which camera I took the pictures with or what aperture I used.

    There’s gotte be an option to be able to turn all these informations of to go back to how it was.

    At the moment I feel a little bit like I am being forced to pay for the css option, just to get the carousel back as it was before or building a completely new website (and my website is just about 3 weeks old).

    WordPress staff, please give the users the option to chose and save our blogs from going down, mine is completely useless at the moment.

    Thank you.



    My gallery here loads very slowly.
    Once an image is clicked, it takes quite a while for the image to fully appear. This is bad…I will lose clients with such a slow loading gallery…

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